The International Monetary Fund, 1945-1965: Twenty Years of International Monetary Cooperation. 3-Volume set

Author/Editor: De Vries, Margaret Garritsen ; Horsefield, J. Keith
Publication Date: September 15, 1986
Summary: Volume I: Chronicle describes the plans formulated in 1941-44 for an international monetary institution, reviews the proceedings at Bretton Woods, and presents a chronological account of the principal events in the IMF's first two decades. Volume II: Analysis outlines the process of policymaking and the IMF's functions and objectives and treats systematically the formation of IMF policies in three important fields; exchange rates (including gold), exchange restrictions, and the use of the IMF's resources. Volume III: Documents reproduces most of the documents referred to in the other two volumes.
Subject(s): Fund history

Notes Vol. I: Chronicle. By J. Keith Horsefield. 1969. xviii+663 pp. Vol. II. Analysis. By Margaret G. de Vries and J Keith Horsefield with the collaboration of Joseph Gold, Mary H. Gumbart, Gertrud Lovasy, and Emil G. Spitzer. 1969. xviii+621 pp. Vol. III: Documents. Edited by J. Keith Horsefield. 1969. vii+549 pp.
Publication Date: September 15, 1986
Format: Hardback
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