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Title: Life-Cycles, Dynasties, Savings: Implications for Closed and Small, Open Economies
Author/Editor: Faruqee, Hamid ; Laxton, Douglas
Series: Working Paper No. 00/126
Date: July 01, 2000
Subject(s): Savings | Public debt
Title: Review of the Experience with Oil Stabilization and Savings Funds in Selected Countries
Author/Editor: Fasano-Filho, Ugo
Series: Working Paper No. 00/112
Date: June 01, 2000
Subject(s): Oil | Oil exports | Chile
Title: Bank Failures and Fiscal Austerity - Policy Presecriptions for a Developing Country
Author/Editor: Feltenstein, Andrew
Series: Working Paper No. 00/90
Date: May 01, 2000
Subject(s): Banking | Fiscal policy | Developing countries | Economic models
Title: The Role of Human Capital in Economic Growth - The Case of Spain
Author/Editor: Fernandez, Enric ; Mauro, Paolo
Series: Working Paper No. 00/8
Date: January 01, 2000
Subject(s): Human capital | Economic growth | Spain | Labor
Title: Israeli Inflation from an International Perspective
Author/Editor: Fischer, Stanley ; Orsmond, David William Harold
Series: Working Paper No. 00/178
Date: November 01, 2000
Subject(s): Inflation | Israel
Title: The Transition Economies After Ten Years
Author/Editor: Fischer, Stanley ; Sahay, Ratna
Series: Working Paper No. 00/30
Date: February 01, 2000
Subject(s): Transition economies | Economic growth
Title: An Interest Rate Defense of a Fixed Exchange Rate?
Author/Editor: Flood, Robert P. ; Jeanne, Olivier
Series: Working Paper No. 00/159
Date: October 01, 2000
Subject(s): Exchange rate regimes | Fiscal policy
Title: The Benefits and Costs of Intervening in Banking Crises
Author/Editor: Frydl, Edward J. ; Quintyn, Marc
Series: Working Paper No. 00/147
Date: August 01, 2000
Subject(s): Banking | Financial crisis
Title: Social Capital and Civil Society
Author/Editor: Fukuyama, Francis
Series: Working Paper No. 00/74
Date: March 01, 2000
Subject(s): Social policy | Economic policy | Public sector | Civil society
Title: Product Variety and Economic Growth - Empirical Evidence for the OECD Countries
Author/Editor: Funke, Michael
Series: Working Paper No. 00/5
Date: January 01, 2000
Subject(s): Economic growth | OECD | Economic models