IMF Book Forum--The Macroeconomics of HIV/AIDS
December 1, 2004

Factsheet - The IMF's Role in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

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Editor: Markus Haacker
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November 2004

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Chapter l. The Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS
Brynn G. Epstein

Chapter 2. HIV/AIDS: The Impact on the Social Fabric and the Economy
Markus Haacker

Chapter 3. Thinking About the Long-Run Economic Costs of AIDS
Clive Bell, Shantayanan Devarajan, and Hans Gersbach

Chapter 4. AIDS and the Accumulation and Utilization of Human Capital in Africa
Nancy Birdsall and Amar Hamoudi

Chapter 5. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Poverty and Inequality
Robert Greener

Chapter 6. Welfare Implications of HIV/AIDS
Nicholas Crafts and Markus Haacker

Chapter 7. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Government Finance and Public Services
Markus Haacker

Chapter 8. Financial Effects of HIV/AIDS on National Social Protection Schemes
Pierre Plamondon, Michael Cichon, and Pascal Annycke

Chapter 9. An Economic Assessment of Botswana's National Strategic Framework for HIV/AIDS
Iyabo Masha

Chapter 10. Impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic on the Health Sectors of Developing Countries
Mead Over