By-Laws of the International Monetary Fund

Section 13.   Voting Without Meeting

(a) Whenever, in the judgment of the Executive Board, any action by the Fund must be taken by the Board of Governors which should not be postponed until the next meeting of the Board of Governors and does not warrant the calling of a special meeting of the Board of Governors, the Executive Board shall request Governors to vote without meeting.

(b) The Executive Board shall present to each member by rapid means of communication a motion embodying the proposed action.

(c) Votes shall be cast during such period as the Executive Board may prescribe.

(d) The Executive Board may provide that no Governor shall vote on a motion during such period after dispatch of the motion as the Executive Board prescribes.

(e) At the expiration of the period prescribed for voting, the Executive Board shall record the results, and the Managing Director shall notify all members. If the replies received do not include a majority of the Governors exercising two-thirds of the total voting power, which is required for a quorum of the Board of Governors, the motion shall be considered lost.

Adopted March 16, 1946, amended October 2, 1969, and June 13, 1978

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