Rules and Regulations of the International Monetary Fund


B-1. Executive Director, except where otherwise specified, shall include the Alternate or the temporary Alternate, as the case may be. In matters pertaining exclusively to the Special Drawing Rights Department references in these Rules and Regulations to Executive Director, other than in Rules C-1, C-5(a), C-15, and C-16, shall apply to an Executive Director appointed by a participant or elected or designated by at least one member that is a participant. Staff shall include all officers or employees of the Fund other than the Managing Director and those persons whose contracts state that they are not staff members. It shall not include Executive Directors, Alternate Executive Directors, Senior Advisors, or Advisors to Executive Directors.

Adopted September 25, 1946, amended August 14, 1947, effective September 17, 1947, September 18, 1969; April 1, 1978, and August 27, 2003

B-2. Chairman, except where otherwise specified, shall refer to the Chairman or Acting Chairman of the Executive Board.

Adopted September 25, 1946

B-3. Agenda ordinarily refers to both the list of items to be considered at a meeting and the supplementary documents pertinent thereto.

Adopted September 25, 1946

B-4. Business day of the Fund refers to the normal working hours of the Fund, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the official time for the District of Columbia, on Monday through Friday of each week with the following exceptions (which will include the preceding Friday whenever one of the dates specified below falls on a Saturday and the following Monday whenever one falls on a Sunday):

January 1

The third Monday in January

The third Monday in February

The last Monday in May

July 4

The first Monday in September

The second Monday in October

The fourth Thursday in November

The Friday following the fourth Thursday in November

December 25

Adopted May 28, 1947, amended March 8, 1948, October 27, 1961, November 24, 1970, April 1, 1978, June 5, 1978, February 8, 1985, and July 28, 1986

B-5. The definition of "business day" shall not affect in any way the arrangements which have been made for the receipt of messages at all times and for prompt action upon them as required by circumstances and by the Articles, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations.

Adopted April 1, 1978

B-6. SDR refers to the special drawing right of the Fund. The term "SDR" (or "SDRs," as appropriate) shall be adopted as standard usage in Fund documents, correspondence, and publications where a reference to special drawing rights is intended, provided that if the text is in a language in which a different usage has become established, that usage may be retained.

Adopted July 26, 1983. The texts of the other sections of the Rules and Regulations have been amended in accordance with Rule B-6, as indicated in the note following each Rule so amended.

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