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Thirteenth Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
Washington D.C., October 23-27, 2000

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Current and Capital Transfers

  • Use of DAC Statistics on Grant Disbursements for Balance of Payments Compilation (BOPCOM-00/25)

Data Quality

Direct Investment/ Reinvested Earnings

  • Direct Investment: Report by IMF on Updating the SIMSDI Survey of National Practices and Clarifications of Direct Investment Recommendations (BOPCOM-00/16)

External Debt

  • Report on the Work Program of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics and Related Issues (BOPCOM-00/18)
  • New Developments in BIS Financial Statistics (BOPCOM-00/28)
  • Classification and Valuation of Domestic Loans Sold to Non-residents at a Discount in the Balance of Payments Statistics and International Investment Position (BOPCOM-00/15)

Implementation of BPM5

  • Country Practices in Reporting Balance of Payments Data to the Fund (BOPCOM-00/24)

International Reserves

  • Data Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity: An Update on the Initiative (BOPCOM-00/19)

Investment Income/Accrued Income

  • Calculating the Accrual of Interest on Tradable Debt Securities (BOPCOM-00/14)
  • Accrued Interest in the Euro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BOPCOM-00/30)
  • Treatment of Income: Analogy Between Non-financial and Financial Assets (BOPCOM-00/41)

Merchandise Trade

  • Evaluation of Foreign Trade Transactions in Illegal Drug Trafficking (BOPCOM-00/27)
  • Differences in the Mirror Statistics in INTRASTAT (BOPCOM-00/36)

Portfolio Investment

  • Covering Note for Documents on the Work on the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (BOPCOM-00/7)
  • Report on the Task Force on the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (BOPCOM-00/8)
  • Draft Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide, second edition (BOPCOM-00/9)
  • Report on the Working Group on Securities Databases (BOPCOM-0010A)
  • Results of the Questionnaire on Securities Databases: Preliminary Draft for Comments (BOPCOM-00/10)

Repurchase Agreements (Repos)

  • The Macroeconomic Statistical Treatment of Reverse Transactions (BOPCOM-00/13)
  • Comments on the Macroeconomic Statistical Treatment of Repo-Type Transactions and Securities Lending (BOPCOM-00/33)


Other Issues

  • Training in the Use of Balance of Payments Statistics - Staff Notes (BOPCOM-00/12)
  • Towards a Sixth Edition of the Balance of Payments Manual (BOPCOM-00/21)
  • Estimating Monthly Balance of Payments (BOPCOM-00/26)
  • Recent Work Carried Out by the ESCB Working Group on Balance of Payments and External Reserves Statistics (BOPCOM-00/34)
  • Survey on the Use, Compilation and Dissemination of Macroprudential Indicators (MPIs) (BOPCOM-00/37).
  • The Concept of Monthly Balance of Payments Statistics In Germany (BOPCOM-00/39)