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Fourteenth Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
Tokyo, October 24-26, 2001

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Data Quality

Direct Investment/Reinvested Earnings

External Debt and International Banking Statistics

  • New developments in BIS International Financial Statistics (BOPCOM-01/24)
  • Comparison of Creditor and Debtor Data on Short-Term External Debt (BOPCOM-01/25)
  • Report on Work Program of Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics and Related Issues (BOPCOM-01/26)

Financial Derivatives

Implementation of BPM5

  • Country Practices in Reporting Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Data to the Fund (BOPCOM-01/35 and attachment)

Investment Income/Accrued Income

Portfolio Investment

Regional Issues

Repurchase Agreements (Repos)

  • The Macroeconomic Statistical Treatment of Reverse Transactions (BOPCOM-01/16)
  • Working Group on Repurchase Agreements and Securities Lending (BOPCOM-01/17)
  • Repo-type Transactions Issue: The French Experience Relating to Stocks (BOPCOM-01/40)


  • Inter-Agency Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services: A Status Report (BOPCOM-01/18)
  • Report of the Chairman of the Technical Group on Travel to the Balance of Payments Working Group (BOPCOM-01/38)
  • Evolution in France of Data Collection for "Travel" in the Prospect of the Monetary Union Cash Changeover (BOPCOM-01/41)

Updating BPM5

Uses of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics

Other Issues

  • The Legal Structure, Economic Function, and Statistical Treatment of Trusts (BOPCOM-01/12)
  • Note on the Application of the Residence Concept to Small Economies with International Financial Centers (BOPCOM-01/13)
  • Mutual Funds and "Fund of Funds": Portfolio Investment or Direct Investment? (BOPCOM-01/22)
  • Treatment of Allowances for Loans Losses and Non-Performing Loans (BOPCOM-01/23)
  • Harmonised BOP Reporting for Multinationals-Description of the Project and Conclusions at the Attention of the IMF Committee (BOPCOM-01/28)
  • New Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual and International Accounting Standards (BOPCOM-01/34)