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Fifteenth Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
Canberra, October 21-25, 2002

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Borderline Issues

  • Exploring the Borderline Between Direct Investment and Other Types of Investment: The U.S. Treatment (BOPCOM-02/35)

Data Quality

  • Revision Policy and Practice: A First Overview of Country Practices (BOPCOM-02/4)
  • Revisions in Australia's Balance of Payments (BOP) Statistics (BOPCOM-02/6)
  • Revisions in the New Zealand Balance of Payments (BOPCOM-02/8)
  • UK Balance of Payments and Trade Statistics Quality Review (BOPCOM-02/9)
  • Quality of the BIS International Financial Statistics (BOPCOM-02/76)

Direct Investment/Reinvested Earnings

External Debt and International Banking Statistics

Implementation of BPM5

  • Chile's Experience in Implementing BPM5 (BOPCOM-02/54)
  • Implementation of BPM5 in Compiling Balance of Payments Statistics of Hong Kong, China (BOPCOM-02/55)
  • Challenges and Staff Training in Implementing BPM5: The Case of GCC (BOPCOM-02/56)
  • A New Scheme for the Electronic Reporting of BOP Statistics (BOPCOM-02/57)
  • Country Practices in Reporting Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Data to the Fund (BOPCOM-02/58 and attachment)

Investment Income/Accrued Income

  • Income of Mutual Funds (BOPCOM-02/41)
  • Varying Treatments of Income of Collective Investment Schemes in the 1993 System of National Accounts, the Balance of Payments, Fifth Edition, and the European System of Accounts, 1995 (BOPCOM-02/42)
  • Accrual Accounting of Interest Electronic Discussion Group: Report of the Moderator (BOPCOM-02/44)
  • Accrual Recording of Interest: Is there a Case for Revising the 1993 SNA? (BOPCOM-02/44-A)
  • Income from Bonds: The 1993 SNA Approach (BOPCOM-02/45)
  • Mandate of the ECB Task Force on Portfolio Investment Income (This is an update of a paper that was presented to the Committee at its 2002 meeting.)
  • Letter to UNSD on Accrued Interest (BOPCOM-02/47)

Portfolio Investment

Regional/Bilateral Issues

  • Evolution of the Intra-EU asymmetries in the Current Account (BOPCOM-02/18)
  • Bilateral Asymmetries Between EU and US: Basic Features (BOPCOM-02/19)


  • Global Discrepancies in the Transportation Account (BOPCOM-02/20 Revised)
  • Overview of the Implementation of Surveys on Tourism in France (BOPCOM-02/22)
  • Bilateral Comparisons of Travel Transactions (BOPCOM-02/23)
  • Research on International Experiences in Measuring Visitor Expenditure Associated with Inbound Tourism (BOPCOM-02/38)
  • FATS: Overview of Work in Progress in France (BOPCOM-02/39)
  • Inter-Agency Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services: Status Report (BOPCOM-02/40)
  • Insurance Services-International Discrepancies (BOPCOM-02/65)
  • Insurance-Conceptual Issues (BOPCOM-02/66)
  • Insurance-Treatment of Catastrophes (BOPCOM-02/67)

Updating BPM5

Uses of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics

  • Use of Balance of Payments Statistics in Foreign Exchange Policy Formulation: Russia's Experience (BOPCOM-02/49)
  • Use of Balance of Payments Statistics: Case of Saudi Arabia (BOPCOM-02/50)
  • The Use of Balance of Payments Statistics in the Determination of Monetary and Fiscal Policy (BOPCOM-02/51)
  • Use of International Investment Position Statistics in UK (BOPCOM-02/52)
  • Foreign Reserve Adequacy: Case of Russia (BOPCOM-02/53)
  • The International Investment Position: Measurement Aspects and Usefulness for Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Issues (BOPCOM-02/74)

Other Issues

  • Impact of Revisions on the Global Balance of Payments Discrepancies (BOPCOM-02/17)
  • Harmonised Balance of Payments Reporting Rules for Multinationals (BOPCOM-02/21)
  • Residence (BOPCOM-02/59)
  • Eurostat Activities on International Accounting Standards: Special Focus on Balance of Payments (BOPCOM-02/62)
  • Appendix II of the Preliminary Draft of the Compilation Guide to Financial Soundness Indicators (the Guide) (BOPCOM-02/63)
  • Nonperforming Loans (BOPCOM-02/68)
  • International Standards for Impairment and Provisions and their Implications for Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) (BOPCOM-02/68-A)
  • Employee Stock Options in Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPCOM-02/69)
  • Measuring Australia's Foreign Currency Exposure (BOPCOM-02/73)