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Nineteenth Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics

Frankfurt, Germany, October 23-26, 2006

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Summary of the Outcomes of the Committee’s Discussion (BOPCOM-06/38)


  • Luxembourg Group on Remittances: Progress Report (BOPCOM-06/03)
  • Definition of Remittances: Paper by United Nations (BOPCOM-06/04)
International Investment Position and External Debt

  • International Investment Position: Introducing Currency Composition and Remaining Maturity into the Standard Components: Paper by the IMF (BOPCOM-06/06)
  • Report on the Activities of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics (BOPCOM-06/07)
  • New developments in international financial statistics: Report by the BIS (BOPCOM/06-08)

Direct Investment

  • Market Valuation of Equity in the International Investment Position: Canada's experience: Paper by Canada (BOPCOM/06-12)
  • UN Expert Meeting on Capacity Building in the Area of Foreign Direct Investment (BOPCOM-06/09)
  • World Investment Report 2006: Report by UNCTAD (BOPCOM/06-09A)
  • Coordinated Direct Investment Survey: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM/06-10)
  • Distortions in Direct Investment Related to Special Purpose Enties: Report by ECB (BOPCOM/06-11)
  • Foreign Direct Investment Statistics: How to better meet user needs (BOPCOM/06-13)

Portfolio Investment

  • International Conference on Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey: Presentation by the Banco de España (BOPCOM/06-14)
  • Improving the Methodological Framework for Securities Statistics (BOPCOM/06-25)
  • 2003 and 2004 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey results and progress on 2005 survey: Presentation by the IMF (BOPCOM/06-15)


  • Reserve Related Liabilities: Presentation in the International Accounts Framework (BOPCOM/06-29)
  • Reserve Assets Technical Expert Group (RESTEG): Summary Paper by IMF (BOPCOM/06-28)

Update of International Standards

  • Update of the 1993 SNA: Progress Report: Report by ISWGNA (BOPCOM/06-18)
  • Summary of Outcome of AEG's Discussions: Report by United Nations (BOPCOM/06-19)
  • BPM5 Update: Goods for Processing and Merchanting (BOPCOM/06-31)
  • Updating international statistical standards in services: Report by OECD (BOPCOM/06-20)
  • Draft OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment, 4th Edition-Progress Report (BOPCOM/06-21)
  • Preliminary Proposal to Identify Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions as a Part of FDI Statistics: Report by OECD (BOPCOM/06-21A)
  • Issues Related to the Framework of Direct Investment Relationships: Paper by Canada (BOPCOM/06-23)
  • FDI Statistics-Treatment of Inter-Company Transactions of Financial Intermediaries with Non-Financial Entities: Papers by ECB (BOPCOM/06-24)
  • A Preliminary Proposal for the Treatment of Pass-through Funds and Capital in Transit in FDI Statistics: Report by OECD (BOPCOM/06-21B)
  • Some Deliberations on the WTO Position Paper "Treatment of Timeshare in the Tourism Satellite Account and related Macroeconomic Frameworks": Paper by IMF(BOPCOM/06-33)

Implementation of BPM5

  • Country Practices in Reporting Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Data to Fund: Report by IMF (BOPCOM/06-05)

Update of BPM5

  • Overview of the work on the update of BPM5: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM/06-17)
  • Issues Arising from the Update of Balance of Payments Manual, Fifth Edition: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM/06-37)
  • Financial Instruments and Institutional Sector Classifications: Paper by the IMF (BOPCOM/06-22B)
  • Direct Investment-Debt Between Affiliated Financial Intermediaries: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM/06-26)
  • Various issues for resolution: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM/06-27)