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Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB): metadata on SDDS and GDDS data categories

External Debt Statistics: debt data, conference on capital flows and debt statistics, final draft Guide for Compilers and Users, and other selected publications

Twenty-Second Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics

Shanghai, China, November 2-4, 2009

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Summary of the Outcomes of the Committee's Discussions

Medium-Term Work Program of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics, including Proposed Research Agenda: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/22)

Statistical Issues Arising from the Global Crisis Affecting the Committee’s Work

Cross-cutting Papers

  • Statistical Developments Arising from the Global Crisis: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/16)
  • Improving the Tracking of Cross-Border Financial Exposures Using Aggregate and Bilateral Data - A Template: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/23)

Portfolio Investment

  • Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/18)

International Reserves

  • Selected Recent Initiatives in Reserve Assets: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/27)

International Investment Position Statistics

  • International Investment Position - Improving Data Availability: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/19)

Direct Investment

  • Progress on the Coordinated Direct Investment Survey: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/10)
  • Work of the OECD Working Group on International Investment Statistics: Report by the OECD (BOPCOM-09/11)
  • FDI Statistical Units: Local Enterprise Groups and Enterprises: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/12)
  • World Investment Report 2009: Transnational Corporations, Agricultural Production and Development: Report by UNCTAD (BOPCOM-09/13)

Sovereign Wealth Funds

  • Statistical Work on Sovereign Wealth Funds: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/24)

International Banking Statistics

  • New Developments in the Bank for International Settlements International Financial Statistics: Report by the BIS (BOPCOM-09/17)

Statistics on Securities and Securities Databases

  • Handbook on Securities Statistics – Overview of a Joint BIS-ECB-IMF Initiative: Report by the BIS (BOPCOM-09/20)
  • Use of the Centralized Securities Database in the Production of the Euro Area BOP and IIP: Report by the ECB (BOPCOM-09/21)


  • Publication of the Final Remittances Compilation Guide, Other Recent Developments and Future Plans: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/14)

Finalization and Implementation of BPM6

  • Finalization of the BPM6: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/03)
  • Strategy for Implementing BPM6: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/08)
  • Results of the 2009 IMF Survey on BPM6 Implementation: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/04)
  • Coordinated Implementation of BD4 and BPM6 in the Euro Area and the EU: Report by Eurostat (BOPCOM-09/05)
  • Outlook for Implementation of BPM6 in Chile: Report by the Central Bank of Chile (BOPCOM-09/06)
  • Treatment of Resident-to-Resident Transactions in Foreign Securities: Report by the Central Bank of Russia (BOPCOM-09/07)

SNA update

  • The 2008 SNA Implementation: Report by the United Nations Statistics Division (BOPCOM-09/09)

Work of Task Forces

  • Inter-Agency Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services (TFSITS): Report by the OECD (BOPCOM-09/15)
  • Activities of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS): Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-09/26)