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Thirtieth Meeting of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
October 24–26, 2017

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Documents below labeled as "papers" were discussed at the meeting, while those labeled as "reports" were only made available for information.

Globalization and Financial Interconnectedness: Challenges for External Sector Statistics

Improving CPIS Reporting

  • Improving the Sectorization of Nonresident Issuers for CPIS Reporting: Lessons Learnt from the Pilot Exercise and the Way Forward: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/03)
  • Pilot Exchange on Sectorization of Nonresident Issuers in the Context of CPIS: Report by ECB (BOPCOM-17/18)
  • Note on the FRB-ECB CPIS Sectorization Project: Report by U.S. Federal Reserve (BOPCOM-17/19)
  • Feasibility and Challenges of the Russian Federation for Participating in the Exercise on Improving the Sectorization of Nonresident Issuers in the Context of CPIS Reporting: Report by Russian Federation (BOPCOM-17/20)

Global Value Chains

  • Globalization and Global Value Chains in External Sector Statistics: Measurement and Challenges: Paper by Banque de France (BOPCOM-17/04)
  • Fintechs and the Financial Side of Global Value Chains—The Changing Trade-Financing Environment: Report by IMF (BOPCOM-17/21)

Special Purpose Entities

  • Preliminary Report of the Task Force on Special Purpose Entities (TFSPEs): Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/05)
  • Progress Report on the Joint ESCB/ESS Task Force on Foreign Direct Investment: Report by ECB (BOPCOM-17/22)

Direct Investment

  • Report on the Outcomes of the IMF-OECD Cooperation Program on Direct Investment Statistics: Paper by OECD/IMF (BOPCOM-17/06)
  • Eurostat’s FDI Network and Possibility of Expanding It Beyond the EU: Report by Eurostat (BOPCOM-17/29)

Digital Economy

  • Measuring Digital Trade: Results of OECD/IMF Stocktaking: Paper by OECD/IMF (BOPCOM-17/07)
  • World Investment Report 2017 - Investment and the Digital Economy. Key Messages and Overview: Report by UNCTAD (BOPCOM-17/32)

Emerging Issues and Implementing the 2017 Research Agenda

Emerging issues

  • Challenges in Covering the Informal Economy in External Sector Statistics: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/08)
  • Work on Improving the Coverage of Illegal Activities in ESS: Report by Eurostat (BOPCOM-17/27)

2017 Research Agenda

  • Research Agenda for External Sector Statistics: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/09)
  • Recording of Central Bank Swap Arrangements in Macroeconomic Statistics: BOPCOM Written Consultation Comments: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/10)
  • The Treatment of Currency Swaps Between Central Banks: Egypt Experience: Report by the Bank of Egypt (BOPCOM-17/25a)
  • Central Banks’ Currency Swaps in External Sector Statistics: Brazil Experience: Report by the Banco Central do Brazil (BOPCOM-17/25b)
  • Compiling Data on International Mobile Money Transfer Services: Report by Bank of Uganda (BOPCOM 17/11)
  • International Statistical Standards for Recording Letters of Credit: Paper by BIS and State Administration of Foreign Exchange (China) (BOPCOM 17/12)
  • Treatment of Letters of Credit in the Philippines’ ESS: Report by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BOPCOM 17/26)
  • Classification of Reserve Position in the IMF: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 17/13)
  • Statistical Treatment of Precious Metals Accounts: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 17/14)

Role of BOPCOM in External Debt Statistics

  • The Role of BOPCOM in External Debt Statistics: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/15)

Work Program of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics

  • 2018 Work Program of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-17/16)

Items Reports:

  • Introducing the Currency Breakdown in the International Investment Position of Germany: Report by Deutsche Bundesbank (BOPCOM-17/23)
  • Recent Enhancements to the BIS Statistics: Report by BIS (BOPCOM-17/24)
  • Remaining Maturity Compilation Issues: Estimating the Share of Long-term Debt Security Liabilities with Short Residual Maturity: Report by Banque de France (BOPCOM-17/28)
  • Progress in Implementing the Strategy to Compile External Sector Statistics in Countries with Low Statistical Capacity (CLSC): Report by IMF (BOPCOM-17/30)
  • Progress Report on Other External Sector Statistics Initiatives Underway in the IMF’s Statistics Department: Report by IMF (BOPCOM-17/31)