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Thirty-First Meeting of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
October 24–26, 2018

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Documents below labeled as "papers" were discussed at the meeting, while those labeled as "reports" were only made available for information.

Special Purpose Entities

  • Final Report of the Task Force on Special Purpose Entities (TFSPEs). Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/03)

Global Value Chains

  • Preliminary Report of the OECD-IMF Working Group on Balance of Payments Statistics Relevant for Global Value Chain Analysis. Paper by IMF/OECD (BOPCOM 18/04)

  • UN Report on the Work on Handbook on Global Value Chain Accounting. Report by UN (BOPCOM 18/20)

Informal Economy

  • Preliminary Report of the Task Force on Informal Economy. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/10)

Digital Economy

  • Towards a Framework for Measuring Trade Finance. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/05)

  • Mobile Money in External Sector Statistics: Pilot Survey Results. Paper by Bank of Uganda (BOPCOM 18/06)

  • Towards a Handbook on Measuring Digital Trade: Status Update. Paper by IMF/OECD (BOPCOM 18/07)

  • Treatment of Crypto Assets in Macroeconomic Statistics. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/11)

Data Integration and Harmonization

  • A New Approach to Compiling the Balance of Payments in the Netherlands. Paper by De Nederlandsche Bank (BOPCOM 18/09)

  • Practical Guide on Harmonization Between the Balance of Payments and National Accounts. Report by UN (BOPCOM 18/19)

Data challenges for assessing global imbalances

  • Assessing Global Imbalances: Data Challenges. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/14)

Improving CPIS Reporting

  • Project on a Centralized Database of Issuers and Sectors for CPIS Reporting: What Comes Next? Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/08)

Direct Investment

  • Progress Report on the Joint ESCB/ESS Task Force on Foreign Direct Investment. Report by ECB (BOPCOM 18/21)

  • FDI Network: Recent Developments. Report by Eurostat (BOPCOM 18/26)

  • Report on the Workshop on the Coordinated Direct Investment Survey Bilateral Asymmetries. Report by IMF (BOPCOM 18/28)

  • Recent Activities of the OECD’s Working Group on International Investment Statistics. Report by OECD (BOPCOM 18/29)

  • World Investment Report 2018: Key Messages and Overview. Report by UNCTAD (BOPCOM 18/30)

Implementing the 2018 Research Agenda

  • Research Agenda for External Sector Statistics. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/12)

  • Treatment of Freight and Insurance Associated to Merchanting and the Geographical Allocation of Net Merchanting. Paper by Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany) (BOPCOM 18/13a)

  • Statistical Treatment of Sport Events, and Sport Players in External Sector Statistics. Paper by Banco Central do Brasil (BOPCOM 18/13b)

  • Recording of Direct Investment Income, Reinvested Earnings, and Dividends: The Case of Superdividends. Paper by OECD (BOPCOM 18/13c)

  • External Sector Statistics-Specific Issues in Economies Using as Legal Tender US Dollars, Euros, or Other Currencies Issued by a Foreign Monetary Authority. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/15)

  • U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: Developing Estimation of Trade in FISIM Methodology Consistent with National Account Methodology. Report by U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BOPCOM 18/18)

  • Measurement Challenges Associated to Trade in Intellectual Property Products. Report by Eurostat (BOPCOM 18/22)

  • Estimating Casino Revenues and Transfers for the Philippines Balance of Payments. Report by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BOPCOM 18/23)

  • Treatment of Cash Collateral. Report by De Nederlandsche Bank (BOPCOM 18/24)

Work Program of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics

  • 2019 Work Program of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics. Paper by IMF (BOPCOM 18/16)

Other Items:

  • Recent Developments in BIS Statistics. Report by BIS (BOPCOM 18/25)

  • Progress Report on Other External Sector Statistics Initiatives Underway in the IMF’s Statistics Department. Report by IMF (BOPCOM 18/27)