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Global Financial Stability Report A Quarterly Report by the International Capital Markets Department on Market Developments and Issues

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The Emerging Market Financing quarterly ceased publication in November 2001. Both the EMF and the annual International Capital Markets Report (published since 1980) have been replaced by a new quarterly, The Global Financial Stability Report. The new report was created to provide timely and comprehensive coverage of both mature and emerging financial markets as part of the IMF's stepped up tracking of financial markets.

About Emerging Market Financing
A Quarterly Report on Developments and Prospects
Last Updated May 1, 2002

The quarterly Emerging Market Financing report is an integral element of the IMF's surveillance over developments in international capital markets. The report draws, in part, on a series of regular informal discussions with a broad set of private financial market participants.

The report was prepared in the IMF's Research Department.

The report reflects developments and data available through July 24, 2001, unless specifically noted otherwise. The report has benefited from comments and suggestions from staff in other IMF departments, as well as from Executive Directors (following their discussion of the Emerging Market Financing report on August 2, 2001). The analysis and views are those of the contributing staff and should not be attributed to Executive Directors, their national authorities, or the IMF.