Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the IMF

Public Information Notice: IMF Concludes Discussion on Prolonged Use of Fund Resources
April 9, 2003

Conclusions of the Task Force on Prolonged Use of Fund Resources
February 4, 2003

Press Release: IEO Announces Release of Report on Prolonged Use of IMF Resources
September 25, 2002

Evaluation of Prolonged Use of IMF Resources Cover   

Evaluation of Prolonged Use of IMF Resources
Evaluation Report 2002

©2002 International Monetary Fund
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This Evaluation of Prolonged Use of IMF Resources is the first report produced and published by the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO). The IEO provides objective and independent evaluation on issues related to the IMF. The Office operates independently of IMF management and at arm's length from the IMF's Executive Board.

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Foreword (16k pdf file) 
List of Abbreviations (8k pdf file)
Executive Summary (52k pdf file)

Part I. Main Report


1. Introduction (20k pdf file)
2. What Is Prolonged Use and How Widespread Is It?
(52k pdf file)
3. The Evolution of the IMF's Policies with Respect to Prolonged Use of Its Resources (36k pdf file)
4. Characteristics of Prolonged Users (24k pdf file)

5. Prolonged Use and Effectiveness of IMF-Supported Programs (116k pdf file)

  6. Influence of IMF Governance and Other Institutional Factors on Prolonged Use (68k pdf file)
  7. The Implications of Prolonged Use for the Member Country and the IMF (40k pdf file)
  8. Conclusions and Recommendations (68k pdf file)
  Annexes (124k pdf file)  

Part II.  Country Case Studies

Chapters   9. Pakistan (148k pdf file)
10. Philippines (144k pdf file)
11. Senegal (132k pdf file)
12. Evidence from Two Countries That "Graduated" from Prolonged Use (52k pdf file)
  Bibliography (24k pdf file)
Glossary of Selected Terms (28k pdf file)
IMF Management Response  (16k pdf file)
IMF Staff Response (24k pdf file)
IEO Response (20k pdf file)
Summing Up of IMF Executive Board Discussion by Acting Chair 
(20k pdf file)