Evaluation in the Fund

Transcript of a Press Conference on External Review of IMF Surveillance

External Evaluation of IMF Surveillance
External Evaluation of IMF Surveillance
Report by a Group of Independent Experts

1999 International Monetary Fund
September 14, 1999

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Part 1

Statement by Mr. Thomas Bernes, Chairman of the Evaluation Group of Executive Directors, on the Report of the External Evaluation of Surveillance
August 27, 1999

Summing Up by the Chairman of the Executive Board of Executive Board Meeting 99/100, on the External Evaluation on Fund Surveillance
September 8, 1999

Part 2
External Evaluation of Surveillance Report
  Executive Summary
  I Introduction
Objectives of Surveillance
Origins and Development of Fund Surveillance
  II Conduct and Methods
Bilateral Surveillance
Regional Surveillance
Multilateral Surveillance
Fund Internal Organization and Procedures
Role of the Executive Board
  III Substance
Bilateral Surveillance
Multilateral Surveillance
Other Sources of Surveillance
  IV Impact
Impact by Country Groupings
Other Elements Shaping Impact
Impact in Four Countries
Internal Reviews
Transparency, Publicity, Communication
Communication Within Government
  V Conclusions and Recommendations
Objectives and Priorities
Recent Developments
ITerms of Reference
IIArticles of Agreement
IIIList of Interviewees
IV Recommendations
VConfidential Exchange—An Elaboration
2.1  Chronology of an Article IV Consultation
2.2  Surveillance of the Euro Area
3.1  Early Warning Systems
3.2  Surveillance, Capital Flows, and Financial Crises
5.1  Possible Board Committee Structure for Surveillance

Part 3
Statement by the Managing Director on the Report of External Evaluators on Fund Surveillance, Executive Board Meeting
August 27, 1999

Staff Response to the External Evaluation of Fund Surveillance