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Finance and Development: December 1998 Cover
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Finance & Development
A quarterly magazine of the IMF
December 1998, Volume 35, Number 4

Index 1998—Volume 35


Martha Ainsworth, Setting Government Priorities in Preventing HIV/AIDS, March

Tom�s J.T. Bali�o, Monetary Policy in Russia, December

James M. Boughton, Harry Dexter White and the International Monetary Fund, September

Sharmini Coorey, Mauro Mecagni, and Erik Offerdal, Achieving Low Inflation in Transition Economies: The Role of Relative Price Adjustment, March

Michael C. Deppler, The Implications of EMU for IMF Surveillance, December

Barry Eichengreen and Michael Mussa, Capital Account Liberalization and the IMF, December

Charles Enoch and Anne-Marie Gulde, Are Currency Boards a Cure for All Monetary Problems? December

Charles A. Enoch, Paul L. Hilbers, and Arto Kovanen, Monetary Operations in the European Economic and Monetary Union, June

Julian Exeter and Steven Fries, The Post-Communist Transition: Patterns and Prospects, September

Stanley Fischer, The Asian Crisis and the Changing Role of the IMF, June

Philip Gerson, Poverty and Economic Policy in the Philippines, September

Cheryl W. Gray and Daniel Kaufmann, Corruption and Development, March

Dale Gray, Energy Tax Reform in Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries, September

John Green and Phillip L. Swagel, The Euro Area and the World Economy, December

Manuel Guiti�n, The Challenge of Managing Global Capital Flows, June

Sanjeev Gupta, Benedict Clements, and Erwin Tiongson, Public Spending on Human Development, September

Daniel C. Hardy, Are Banking Crises Predictable? December

Peter S. Heller, Aging in the Asian Tiger Economies, June

IMF Area Department Directors, How Has the Asian Crisis Affected Other Regions? September

IMF Staff, The Asian Crisis: Causes and Cures, June

IMF Staff, Currency Crises: The Role of Monetary Policy, March

IMF Staff, Mitigating the Social Costs of the Asian Crisis, September

IMF Staff, Should Equity Be a Goal of Economic Policy? September

Harold James, From Grandmotherliness to Governance: The Evolution of IMF Conditionality, December

R. Barry Johnston, Sequencing Capital Account Liberalization, December

Oussama Kanaan, Uncertainty Deters Private Investment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, June

Robert Klitgaard, International Cooperation Against Corruption, March

Klaas Knot, Donogh McDonald, and Karen Swiderski, Policy Challenges for the Euro Area, December

Patrick Lenain, Ten Years of Transition: A Progress Report, September

Ian Lienert, Civil Service Reform in Africa: Mixed Results After 10 Years, June

John Lipsky, Asia's Crisis: A Market Perspective, June

Paul R. Masson, Miguel A. Savastano, and Sunil Sharma, Can Inflation Targeting Be a Framework for Monetary Policy in Developing Countries? March

Donald J. Mathieson, Anthony Richards, and Sunil Sharma, Financial Crises in Emerging Markets, December

Paolo Mauro, Corruption: Causes, Consequences, and Agenda for Further Research, March

Ashoka Mody and Michael Walton, Building on East Asia's Infrastructure Foundations, June

Saleh M. Nsouli and Mounir Rached, Capital Account Liberalization in the Southern Mediterranean, December

Guillermo Ortiz Martinez,What Lessons Does the Mexican Crisis Hold for Recovery in Asia? June

Mead Over, Coping with the Impact of AIDS, March

Stefano Pagiola, John Kellenberg, Lars Vidaeus, and Jitendra Srivastava, Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Agricultural Development, March

Michael Potashnik and Joanne Capper, Distance Education: Growth and Diversity, March

Alessandro Prati and Garry J. Schinasi, Ensuring Financial Stability in the Euro Area, December

Lant Pritchett and Daniel Kaufmann, Civil Liberties, Democracy, and the Performance of Government Projects, March

Christoph B. Rosenberg and Tapio O. Saavalainen, Dealing with Azerbaijan's Oil Boom, September

Jan Aart Scholte, The IMF Meets Civil Society, September

Lyn Squire, Confronting AIDS, March

Vito Tanzi, Economic Policy and Equity: Conference Participants Agree on Key Issues, September

George S. Tavlas, The International Use of Currencies: The U.S. Dollar and the Euro, June

Frank Vogl, The Supply Side of Global Bribery, June


Book Reviews

Isher Judge Ahluwalia and I.M.D. Little, editors, India's Economic Reforms and Development: Essays for Manmohan Singh, reviewed by Mohsin S. Khan, September

Alan S. Blinder, Central Banking in Theory and Practice, reviewed by Manuel Guiti�n, June

Catherine Caufield, Masters of Illusion: The World Bank and the Poverty of Nations, reviewed by Paul Streeten, March

Bimal Chakraborty, The United Nations and the Third World: Shifting Paradigms, reviewed by Sanjeev Gupta, June

Roy Culpeper, Titans or Behemoths? The Multilateral Development Banks, Volume 5, reviewed by Robert Picciotto, June

Roy Culpeper, Albert Berry, and Frances Stewart, editors, Global Development Fifty Years After Bretton Woods: Essays in Honour of Gerald K. Helleiner, reviewed by Vinod Thomas and Sarwar Lateef, December

Marcello De Cecco, Lorenzo Pecchi, and Gustavo Piga, editors, Managing Public Debt: Index-Linked Bonds in Theory and Practice, reviewed by Graeme Wheeler, September

Kimberly Ann Elliott, editor, Corruption and the Global Economy, reviewed by Daniel Kaufmann, March

Richard H.R. Harper, Inside the IMF: An Ethnography of Documents, Technology, and Organizational Action, reviewed by Brian C. Stuart, December

Ian G. Heggie and Piers Vickers, Commercial Management and Financing of Roads, reviewed by Gabriel Roth, December

Devesh Kapur, John P. Lewis, and Richard Webb, The World Bank: Its First Half Century, reviewed by James M. Boughton, June

Ronald I. McKinnon and Kenichi Ohno, Dollar and Yen: Resolving Economic Conflict between the United States and Japan, reviewed by George S. Tavlas, March

Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff, Foundations of International Macroeconomics, reviewed by Peter Clark, December

Hiroyuki Odagiri and Akira Goto, Technology and Industrial Development in Japan: Building Capabilities by Learning, Innovation, and Public Policy, reviewed by Robert Dekle, March

Louis W. Pauly, Who Elected the Bankers? Surveillance and Control in the World Economy, reviewed by Joaqu�n Ferr�n, September

M.G. Quibria and J. Malcolm Dowling, editors, Current Issues in Economic Development: An Asian Perspective, reviewed by Qaizar Hussain, December

H.N. Ray, The World Bank: A Third World View, reviewed by Paul Streeten, March

Dani Rodrik, Has Globalization Gone Too Far? reviewed by Lant Pritchett, December

Anne C.M. Salda, Historical Dictionary of the World Bank, reviewed by James Feather, March

Arieh A. Ullmann and Alfred Lewis, editors, Privatization and Entrepreneurship: The Managerial Challenge in Central and Eastern Europe, reviewed by Raj M. Desai, December

Horst Ungerer, A Concise History of European Monetary Integration: From EPU to EMU, reviewed by Charles Enoch, June

Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw, The Commanding Heights: The Battle Between Government and the Marketplace That Is Remaking the Modern World, reviewed by Claire Liuksila, September