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Press Release: IMF Publishes Case Studies To Illustrate Approaches to Foreign Exchange Reserve Management
April 17, 2003

Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Reserve Management
September 20, 2001

Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Reserve Management: Accompanying Document and Case Studies

Prepared by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund

April 2005

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File 1 (94KB) Executive Summary
File 2 (207KB) Part I Summary of Country Practices
I.   Introduction
II.   Illustrative Practices from the Country Case Studies
  1. Reserve Management Objectives, Scope, and Coordination
  2. Transparency and Accountability
  3. Institutional Framework
  4. Risk Management
  5. Operations in Efficient Markets
File 3 (637KB) Part II: Country Case Studies
I.   Australia
II.   Botswana
III.   Brazil
IV.   Canada
V.   Chile
VI.   Colombia
VII.   The Czech Republic
VIII.   Hong Kong SAR
IX.   Hungary
X.   India
XI.   Israel
XII.   Korea, Republic of
XIII.   Latvia
XIV.   Mexico
XV.   New Zealand
XVI.   Norway
XVII.   Oman
XVIII.   Tunisia
XIX.   Turkey
XX.   United Kingdom
File 4 (143KB) Appendix I: Reserve Management Guidelines
Appendix II: Supplementary Data
Appendix III: Macroeconomic Indicators
Appendix IV: Glossary