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Ghana: IMF Approves Third $116.2m Disbursement

October 04, 2016

Drying cocoa beans in Enchi, Ghana. Despite slump in commodity prices Ghana’s 2015 current account deficit was lower than expected at 7.5% of GDP (photo: Thierry Gouegnon/Reuters/Newscom)

Ghana’s economy—once a model for growth in West Africa, took a turn for the worse in 2012. It’s been getting help from the IMF under a 3-year program known as the Extended Credit Facility, and the IMF board has just approved another US$116m. Under the arrangement, Ghana could receive more than US$900m if all targets are met. In this podcast, Joël Toujas-Bernaté, IMF mission chief for Ghana, says the country is making good progress.

Joël Toujas-Bernaté, IMF Mission Chief for Ghana

IMF World Economic Outlook

October 04, 2016

IMF Chief Economic Counselor, Maurice Obstfeld (photo: IMF)

The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook projects global growth at 3.1 percent in 2016 and 3.4 percent in 2017. In this podcast, IMF Chief Economist Maurice Obstfeld says growth has been too slow for too long.

Maurice Obstfeld, IMF Chief Economic Counselor

Ethiopia: Drought, Low Commodities Dampen Growth

October 04, 2016

Tradesman works on metro rail system in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. First of its kind on the continent, the electrified light rail transit system was built by a Chinese railway company.

While Ethiopia has been experiencing strong growth since the early 2000s, the IMF’s latest review of the country’s economy says low commodity prices and a drought have put growth levels well below 10 percent for the first time in a decade. In this podcast, we speak with Julio Escolano, IMF Mission Chief for Ethiopia, who oversaw the writing of the report.

Julio Escolano, IMF Mission Chief for Ethiopia.

Refugee Crisis Global Challenge, Kyung-wha Kang

September 16, 2016

Kyung-Wha Kang, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator at the UN. Kang says refugee crisis has global implications (Luiz Rampelotto/EuropaNewswire).

More than a million migrants and refugees made their way to Europe last year, 350K from Syria alone. A recent IMF study says people fleeing conflict areas in the Middle-East and North Africa has brought about the biggest refugee crisis since World War 2. In this podcast, the UN’s Kyung-Wha Kang says the 1951 UN convention for refugees is no longer enough.

Kyung-Wha Kang, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator at the United Nations.

Creative Industries a Development Opportunity

September 09, 2016

Apple store in China. Digital music sales generated $15 billion in 2015 (Imaginechina/AP Images).

The United Nations estimates the global creative economy in 2011 generated more than $600 billion. In this podcast we speak with Patrick Kabanda, who says a country’s cultural wealth presents a huge development opportunity. Kabanda is author of Music Going for a Song published in the September 2016 edition of Finance & Development Magazine.

Patrick Kabanda, Consultant for the office of the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at the World Bank

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