Japan Administered Account for Selected IMF Activities (JSA)
Annual Report Fiscal Year 2013

©2013 International Monetary Fund

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I. Introduction

   IMF Capacity Development

II. Japan-IMF Partnership

   Japan's Contributionss

   How the Partnership Works

III. JSA-Funded Activities

   TA and Related Activities

      How Projects and Programs Are Approved


      Geographic Distribution

      Distribution by Subject Area

      Effectiveness of JSA-Funded TA


   Regional Offi ce for Asia and the Pacific

   Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

   Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies


   1. Contributions by Japan, FY9013.

   2. JSA Annual Commitments for Technical Assistance by Region, FY9313

   3. Top 10 Recipients of JSA-Financed Technical Assistance by Region, FY0813

   4. JSA Annual Commitments for Technical Assistance by Subject Area, FY9313

   5. Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia Distribution of Scholars by Country and Affiliation, 19932013

   6. Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies: Number of Scholars Accepted to JISP and Employed by the IMF by Country, 19962013


   1. Implementation of Capacity Development

   2. Donor Contributions for Capacity Development

   3. JSA Annual Capacity Development Contributions by Activity FY9013

   4. Distribution of JSA Technical Assistance Commitments by Region, FY13

   5. Recipients of JSA-Financed Capacity Development by Region FY0913

   6. Distribution of JSA Technical Assistance Commitments by Subject, FY13


   1. Seminar on Developing Capacity: A Partnership for Sustainable Growth

   2. Publicizing Japan-Financed Technical Assistance Successes

   3. Building Better Fiscal Discipline in Anglophone West Africa

   4. The Philippines—Supervising Banks to Ensure Financial Stability

   5. Building Capacity and Improving Government Finance Statistics in Asia and Pacific Island Economies

   6. Linking Performance and Government Budgeting in the Philippines

   7. Bangladesh—Adopting Risk-based Bank Supervision

   8. Building the Foundation for Collecting Better External Sector Statistics

   9. Modernizing Revenue Administration in Southeast Europe

   10. Joint Field Visit in 2012


   1. The IMF: Purpose and Activities

   2A. JSA Technical Assistance Programs

   2B. JSA Technical Assistance Projects

   3. Joint Japan-IMF Field Visits

   4. Administered Accounts—Japan Financial Statement FY13