Japan Administered Account for Selected IMF Activities (JSA)
Annual Report Fiscal Year 2016

©2016 International Monetary Fund

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I. Japan-IMF Partnership at a Glance

II. Introduction and Background


   IMF Capacity Developments

III. Japan-IMF Partnership on Capacity Development

   Japan’s Contributions

    A Programmatic Approach to Capacity Development

      Regional Coverage

      Sectoral Focus

      Assessment of JSA-Funded CD


   Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

      Public Relations and Outreach

      Managing Relations in the Region

      Surveillance and Research Work

      Delivering Capacity Development

   Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

   Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies


   1. Contributions by Japan, FY1990–2016

   2. Japan’s Participation in IMF Multi-Partner Thematic Vehicles

   3. JSA Annual Commitments for Capacity Development by Region, FY1993–2016

   4. JSA Annual Commitments for Capacity Development by Topic, FY1993–2016

   5. Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia: Distribution of Scholars by Country, 1993–2016

   6. Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies: Number of Japanese Scholars Accepted to JISP and to the IMF, 1996–2016


   1. Implementation of IMF Capacity Development

   2. External Partner Contributions for Capacity Development, FY2011-2016

   3. JSA Annual Contributions to Capacity Development by Activity, FY1990–2016

   4. JISPA Alumni by Affiliation, 1993–2015


   1. Core Areas of IMF Technical Assistance

   2. Using Peer Learning to Boost Financial Capacity

   3. Building Macro-Fiscal Forecasting Capacity in Cambodia

   4. Strengthening Tax Administration in the Republic of Georgia


   1. Appendix 1. JSA Program Portfolio in FY16

   2. Appendix 2. Joint Japan-IMF Field Visits

   3. Appendix 3. Externally Financed Appointee Program (EFA)

   4. Appendix 4. JSA Financial Statement for FY2016