Post-Apartheid South Africa: the First Ten Years

Post-Apartheid South Africa: the First Ten Years

Edited by Michael Nowak and Luca Antonio Ricci

2005 International Monetary Fund
January 12, 2006

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1. The First Ten Years After Apartheid: An Overview of the South African Economy
Michael Nowak

PART I. Real Sector Performance

2. Economic Growth in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Growth-Accounting Analysis
Vivek Arora

3. Unemployment and the Labor Market
Vivek Arora and Luca Antonio Ricci

4. What Drives Saving in South Africa?
Thomas Harjes and Luca Antonio Ricci

5. Foreign Direct Investment in South Africa: Why Has It Been So Low?
Athanasios Arvantis

PART II. Fiscal Challenges

6. Role of Fiscal Policy in Stabilization and Poverty Alleviation
Martin Horton

7. HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Mark Horton

PART III. External Openness and Strength

8. Liberalizing Trade and Capital Transactions: An Overview
Ketil Hviding

9. South Africa’s Real Exchange Rate Performance
Luca Antonio Ricci

10. The Rand Crises of 1998 and 2001: What Have We Learned?
Ashok Jayantilal Bhundia and Luca Antonio Ricci

11. The Case for Building International Reserves
Ketil Hviding and Luca Antonio Ricci

PART IV. Monetary Developments

12. Bringing Inflation Under Control
and Luca Antonio Ricci

13. Exploring Determinants of Long-Term Interest Rates
Faisal Ahmed and Luca Antonio Ricci