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Title: Dominant Currency Paradigm: A New Model for Small Open Economies
Author/Editor:Camila Casas,Federico Diez,Gita Gopinath,Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 17/264
Title: Monetary Policy and Models of Currency Demand
Author/Editor:Mariam El Hamiani Khatat
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 18/28
Title: A Network Model of Multilaterally Equilibrium Exchange Rates
Author/Editor:Alexei P Kireyev ; Andrei Leonidov
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 16/130
Subject: Exchange rates ; Currencies ; Supply and demand ; Time series ; Econometric models
Title: Are Currency Crises Predictable?
Author/Editor:Goldfajn, Ilan ; Valdés, Rodrigo O.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 97/159
Subject: Currencies ; Exchange rates
Title: Assessing Early Warning Systems: How Have They Worked in Practice?
Author/Editor:Berg, Andrew ; Borensztein, Eduardo ; Pattillo, Catherine A.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/52
Subject: Crisis prevention ; Currencies ; Economic indicators ; Economic forecasting ; Forecasting models ; Balance of payments need
Title: Autocorrelation-Corrected Standard Errors in Panel Probits: An Application to Currency Crisis Prediction
Author/Editor:Berg, Andrew ; Coke, Rebecca N.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/39
Subject: Crisis prevention ; Currencies ; Economic models
Title: Balance Sheet Vulnerabilities of Mauritius During a Decade of Shocks
Author/Editor:Patrick A. Imam ; Rainer Koehler
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/148
Subject: External shocks ; Mauritius ; Balance of payments ; Currencies ; Credit risk ; Monetary policy ; Fiscal policy
Title: Beauty Queens and Wallflowers--Currency Unions in the Middle East and Central Asia
Author/Editor:Berengaut, Julian ; Elborgh-Woytek, Katrin
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 06/226
Subject: Monetary unions ; Middle East and Central Asia ; Currencies ; Economic models
Title: Bidder Participation and Information in Currency Auctions
Author/Editor:Ausubel, Lawrence ; Romeu, Rafael
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 05/157
Subject: Currencies ; Foreign exchange auctions ; Venezuela, Republica Bolivariana de
Title: Can Currency Demand be Stable Under a Financial Crisis? - The Case of Mexico
Author/Editor:Khamis, May Y. ; Leone, Alfredo Mario
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 99/53
Subject: Currencies ; Mexico ; Financial crisis
Title: Cash Shortage in the Former Soviet Union
Author/Editor:Hardy, Daniel C. L. ; Lahiri, Ashok
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 94/67
Subject: Currencies ; Former Soviet Union ; Monetary unions ; Economic models
Title: Central Bank Participation in Currency Options Markets
Author/Editor:Breuer, Peter
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 99/140
Subject: Central banks ; Currencies ; Intervention
Title: Characteristics of the Euro, the Demand for Reserves, and Policy Coordination Under EMU
Author/Editor:Masson, Paul R. ; Turtelboom, Bart
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 97/58
Subject: European Economic and Monetary Union ; euro ; Reserve currencies ; Exchange rates
Title: The Choice of Monetary and Exchange Rate Arrangements for a Small, Open, Low-Income Economy: The Case of Sao Tome and Principe
Author/Editor:Wang, Jian-Ye ; Ronci, Márcio Valério ; Farhan, Nisreen H. ; Takebe, Misa ; Shanghavi, Amar
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 08/118
Subject: Exchange rate regimes ; São Tomé and Príncipe ; Currencies ; Monetary systems ; Debt management ; Fiscal management ; Small states
Title: Colombia: Selected Issues
lblSeries:Country Report No. 06/401
Subject: Selected issues ; Inflation ; Public enterprises ; Currencies ; Colombia ; Exchange rates
Title: Commodity Currencies and Empirical Exchange Rate Puzzles
Author/Editor:Chen, Yu-chin ; Rogoff, Kenneth
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 02/27
Subject: Commodity prices ; Australia ; Canada ; New Zealand ; Currencies ; Exchange rates ; Capital flows ; Economic models
Title: A Common Currency for Belarus and Russia?
Author/Editor:Gulde, Anne Marie ; Jafarov, Etibar ; Prokopenko, Vassili
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/228
Subject: Monetary unions ; Belarus ; Russian Federation ; Currencies
Title: Credit Risk Spreads in Local and Foreign Currencies
Author/Editor:Galai, Dan ; Wiener, Zvi
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 09/110
Subject: Asset prices ; Bonds ; Capital markets ; Corporate sector ; Credit risk ; Currencies ; Debt ; Debt restructuring ; Economic models ; Exchange rates ; Sovereign debt
Title: Currency and Banking Crises - The Early Warnings of Distress
Author/Editor:Kaminsky, Graciela Laura
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 99/178
Subject: Currencies ; Financial crisis
Title: The Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves - Retrospect and Prospect
Author/Editor:Eichengreen, Barry J. ; Mathieson, Donald J.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 00/131
Subject: Foreign exchange reserves ; Currencies
Title: Currency Crises - In Search of Common Elements
Author/Editor:Aziz, Jahangir ; Caramazza, Francesco ; Salgado, Ranil
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 00/67
Subject: Financial crisis ; Currencies
Title: Currency Crises and Foreign Reserves: A Simple Model
Author/Editor:Disyatat, Piti
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 01/18
Subject: Currencies ; Financial crisis ; Foreign exchange reserves ; Economic models
Title: Currency Crises and Uncertainty About Fundamentals
Author/Editor:Prati, Alessandro ; Sbracia, M.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 02/3
Subject: Currencies ; Exchange rates ; Economic policy ; Public information ; Economic models
Title: Currency Demand, the Underground Economy, and Tax Evasion: The Case of Guyana
Author/Editor:Faal, Ebrima
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 03/7
Subject: Currencies ; Guyana ; Tax evasion
Title: Currency Diversification of Reserves and Sovereign Debt for Small Open Economies
Author/Editor:Rajasingham, Indi
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 91/109
Subject: Reserves ; Currencies ; Economic models
Title: Currency Mismatches and Corporate Default Risk: Modeling, Measurement, and Surveillance Applications
Author/Editor:Chan-Lau, Jorge A. ; Santos, Andre
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 06/269
Subject: Credit risk ; Currencies ; Financial crisis ; Dollarization ; Economic models
Title: Current Account Reversals and Currency Crisis-Empirical Regularities
Author/Editor:Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria ; Razin, Assaf
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 98/89
Subject: Economic growth ; Currencies ; Current account ; Real effective exchange rates
Title: Czech Koruna and Polish Zloty: Spot and Currency Option Volatility Patterns
Author/Editor:Méndez Morales, Armando
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 01/120
Subject: Currencies ; Czech Koruna ; Polish Zloty ; Exchange rate instability
Title: Determining the Value of a Financial Unit of Account Based on Composite Currencies - The Case of the Private ECU
Author/Editor:Folkerts-Landau, D. F. I. ; Garber, Peter M.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 94/72
Subject: European Currency Unit ; Exchange rates ; Basket of currencies
Title: The Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Lessons for Currency Reform
Author/Editor:Spencer, Michael G. ; Garber, Peter M.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 92/66
Subject: Currencies ; Austria ; Hungary ; Czechoslovakia ; Monetary unions ; Inflation ; Debt
Title: Do Currency Fundamentals Matter for Currency Speculators?
Author/Editor:Nozaki, Masahiro
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/39
Subject: Asset management ; Currencies ; Economic models ; Exchange rate assessments ; Investment ; Real effective exchange rates ; Terms of trade
Title: Early Warning Systems: A Survey and a Regime-Switching Approach
Author/Editor:Abiad, Abdul
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 03/32
Subject: Financial crisis ; Currencies ; Economic models
Title: Exchange Rate Regimes and the Stability of the International Monetary System
Author/Editor:Atish R. Ghosh ; Jonathan David Ostry ; Charalambos G. Tsangarides
lblSeries:Occasional Paper No. 270
Subject: Exchange rate regimes ; Financial stability ; International monetary system ; Reserve currencies ; Reserves accumulation ; Trade integration
Title: FDI to Africa: The Role of Price Stability and Currency Instability
Author/Editor:Rogoff, Kenneth ; Reinhart, Carmen
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 03/10
Subject: Foreign investment ; Africa ; Price stabilization ; Parallel exchange markets ; Inflation ; Capital controls ; Currencies
Title: Financial Deepening in the CFA Franc Zone:The Role of Institutions
Author/Editor:Singh, Raju ; Kpodar, Kangni ; Ghura, Dhaneshwar
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 09/113
Subject: Credit policy ; Cross country analysis ; Currencies ; Economic models ; Financial sector ; Governance ; Private sector ; Sub-Saharan Africa
Title: Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk in Chile: Markets and Instruments
Author/Editor:Chan-Lau, Jorge A.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 05/37
Subject: Foreign exchange ; Chile ; Markets ; Currencies
Title: The IMF and the Ruble Area, 1991-93
Author/Editor:Odling-Smee, J. C. ; Pastor, Gonzalo C.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 01/101
Subject: Monetary policy ; Russian ruble ; Currencies
Title: Independent Currency Authorities: An Analytic Primer
Author/Editor:Osband, Kent ; Villanueva, Delano
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 92/50
Subject: Currencies ; Banking systems ; Inflation ; Crawling peg
Title: International Currencies and Endogenous Enforcement - An Empirical Analysis
Author/Editor:Prem, Roohi
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 97/29
Subject: Currencies ; Economic models
Title: Internationalization of Emerging Market Currencies--A Balance Between Risks and Rewards
Author/Editor:Ahmed, Faisal ; Wang, Shengzu ; Mateos y Lago, Isabelle ; Maziad, Samar ; Segal, Stephanie ; Farahmand, Pascal ; Das, Udaibir
lblSeries:Staff Discussion Notes No. 11/17
Subject: Currencies ; Emerging markets ; International monetary system ; Financial stability

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