Spain: Converging with the European Community

Author/Editor: Galy, Michel ; Pastor, Gonzalo C. ; Pujol, Thierry
Publication Date: January 15, 1993
Summary: Spain's participation in European integration has strengthened its policymaking credibility and created an environment conducive to sustainable economic growth. Over the last decade, Spain has seen improvements in inflation, output, employment, and its balance of payments, and it has substantially reformed its product, labor, and financial markets. This paper reviews Spain's past economic performance and sees good prospects for further rises in living standards.
Series: Occasional Paper No. 101
Subject(s): European Community | Spain | Economic policy | Bank reforms | Income taxes | Tax reforms | Prices | Economic conditions

Publication Date: January 15, 1993
ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 0251-6365 ; ISBN 1-55775-319-9 Format: Paper
Stock No: S101EA0000000 Pages: vii+58
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