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Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic Regional Resident Representative Site

What we do in Central America

The IMF Regional Office was established in May 2006 expanding the scope of the Guatemala office, which was created in 2003. Its primary goal is to strengthen the IMF’s regional activities in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, while enhancing the policy dialogue with the Guatemalan authorities, parliamentarians, and civil society.


Who we are

The regional office for Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic was opened in 2005. Mario Garza has been in charge of the regional office since November 2013.

Mario Garza, is the IMF’s regional resident representative for Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic since November 2013. In this capacity, he co-leads the Western Hemisphere Department’s analytical work on Central America, fosters the dialogue with the Central American authorities on regional and policy issues, and manages the Fund’s regional outreach activities. Previously, he was mission chief for various countries in the region and was also the Fund’s resident representative to Honduras and Bolivia. He holds a Ph.D. in economics, with specialization in international finance and monetary economics, from the Pennsylvania University, United States of America, and recently co-edited the book Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic: Challenges Following the 2008-09 Global Crisis.

Mynor Meza-Duering

Mynor Meza-Duering, is economist (seconded by Banco de Guatemala) who joined the regional office in August 2006. He holds a Masters’ degree in economics from the University of Illinois, United States of America and in corporate finance from Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala. His fields of specialization are international finance, monetary economics, and public finances. He contributes to analytical notes and papers, and monitors macroeconomic and political developments in the region.

Amanda de Fuentes

Amanda de Fuentes, is the Office Manager of the regional office (seconded by Banco de Guatemala). She has been with the IMF since the establishment of the Guatemala office in 2003. She holds a technical degree from Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala.

Estuardo Aguirre

Estuardo Aguirre, is the driver and responsible for security and has been working for the IMF since October 2013. In these capacities, he previously worked at Banco de Guatemala.






Regional Resident Representative for Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic

Mario Garza

Mario Garza
Regional Resident Representative
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Central Bank of Guatemala
Guatemala City
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