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IMF Youth Dialogue Uruguay

Last Updated: February 18, 2011

Leaders of Tomorrow

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is reaching out to university students of Uruguay to hear directly from them about their concerns and interests as well as their suggestions on how the IMF could better serve their region.

What you need to Know

  • What: Dialogue between university students and the Managing Director of the IMF
  • How: Submit your questions to the Managing Director on the global economy, regional economic issues, the role of the IMF, and concerns about your own economic future. Send your questions via e-mail to
  • When: Send in your questions by February 28, 2011. Some of these questions will be selected for airing during the televised program.

The objective of the initiative, entitled "Leaders of Tomorrow: Ask the IMF" is to engage with the next generation of leaders to get their perspectives on key economic issues and exchange ideas on the policies that will be needed to preserve economic stability, secure sustainable growth, and achieve significant poverty reduction in the region. The idea is also to broach other topics of interest to young people such as gender issues, and climate change. Similar youth dialogues have already taken place in other countries of the region, including Peru, Mexico, and Barbados.

The IMF, in association with the TV channel Nuevo Siglo, is inviting university students of Uruguay to submit questions to the IMF Managing Director, Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, on the global economy, regional economic issues, the role of the IMF, and concerns about their own economic future, as well as on any other topic of interest to Uruguayan youth. This discussion between the IMF and young people will be televised and the program will be broadcast by Nuevo Siglo.

Interested in participating?

University students interested in participating in this event are invited to send in their questions by e-mail to, by February 28, 2011. at the latest. Their e-mail message should include the following information: First name, surname, ID card number, e-mail address, mobile phone number, university and faculty, and student ID number.

The IMF would like to encourage students to participate in this dialogue as it provides an opportunity for them to obtain answers to their questions and to make a positive difference to their communities, country, and region.