IMF Book Forum

Is Globalization Here to Stay?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006; 12:30-2:00 p.m.
(Visitors enter via IMF Center)
720 19th Street NW, Washington, DC

**Open to Fund/Bank Staff and the Public**
(light refreshments will be served)

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International trade at an unprecedented level, millions of people migrating in search of jobs, the world's economies more open to one another than ever before-such was the global economy in 1900. Yet the entire edifice collapsed in a few months in 1914.

Will today's globalization prove to be more durable? Or will economic nationalism again overwhelm the spirit of internationalism? Join us for a discussion of these questions in a book forum featuring Harvard University's Jeffry Frieden, author of Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century (W.W. Norton & Co., 2006).

Jeffry Frieden
Harvard University

Virginia Haufler
University of Maryland

Harold James
Princeton University

Moderator:Steven Pearlstein
The Washington Post

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Jeffry Frieden specializes in the politics of international monetary and financial relations. His previous books include Debt, Development, and Democracy: Modern Political Economy and Latin America, 1965-1985 (Princeton University Press, 1991). He is the Stanfield Professor of International Peace at Harvard's Department of Government.

Virginia Haufler specializes in international political economy, particularly the role of the private sector in world politics. She is the author of A Public Role for the Private Sector: Industry Self-Regulation in a Global Economy (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2001). She is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland's Department of Government and Politics.

Harold James is an eminent historian of whose work The Economist once wrote that "this is not history as seen from a well-mounted telescope; more as glimpsed in a rear-view mirror." He is the author of The End of Globalization: Lessons from the Great Depression (Harvard University Press, June 2001). He holds a joint appointment in Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School and its Department of History.

Steven Pearlstein writes about business and the economy for The Washington Post. He has written perceptively about the benefits and challenges of globlization in a number of columns ("Making the Best of Globalization in Hagerstown", The Washington Post, November 19, 2004, "Globalization Regaining Impetus," The Washington Post, December 7, 2001 and "A New Politics Born of Globalization", The Washington Post, October 1, 2000).

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Please note that due to enhanced security arrangements:

1. An RSVP is required: or (202) 623 7001.

2. Guests please present a photo identification and use the IMF Center entrance at 720 19th St. N.W. Washington DC (at the white tent). Only IMF/World Bank staff should enter through the main 700 19th St. entrance.


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