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IMF Staff Papers Logo    Last updated: September 2005
Volume 52, Number 2

Table of Contents

Special Section:
IMF Fifth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference

Mundell-Fleming Lecture: Contractionary Currency Crashes in Developing Countries
Jeffrey Frankel

From "Hindu Growth" to Productivity Surge: The Mystery of the Indian Growth Transition
Dani Rodrik and Arvind Subramanian

Comments on "From 'Hindu Growth' to Productivity Surge: The Mystery of the Indian Growth Transition"
T.N. Srinivasan

Reply to Comments by T.N. Srinivasan
Dani Rodrik and Arvind Subramanian

Financial Liberalization and Consumption Volatility in Developing Countries
Andrei Levchenko

IMF Program Design and Growth: Is Optimism Deliberate? Is It Defensible?
Reza Baqir, Rodney Ramcharan, and Ratna Sahay

Special Section:
Central Bank Financial Independence and Policy Credibility

Peter Stella

Capitalizing Central Banks: A Net Worth Approach
Alain Ize

Is the Bank of Japan's Financial Structure an Obstacle to Policy?
Thomas F. Cargill

Central Bank Financial Strength, Transparency, and Policy Credibility
Peter Stella