Public Information Notice: IMF Board Discusses Modalities of Conditionality
March 8, 2002

Strengthening Country Ownership of Fund-Supported Programs
December 5, 2001

Managing Director's Report to the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) -- Streamlining Conditionality and Enhancing Ownership
November 6, 2001

Public Information Notice: IMF Concludes Discussions on Strengthening IMF-World Bank Collaboration on Country Programs and Conditionality
September 4, 2001

News Brief: IMF Invites Comments on Streamlining Conditionality
September 4, 2001

Strengthening IMF and World Bank Collaboration on Country Programs and Conditionality Experience
August 23, 2001

Conditionality in Fund-Supported Programs: External Consultations
July 17, 2001

External Comments and Contributions on IMF Conditionality
(4 MB pdf file)
September, 2001

The Modalities of Conditionality—Further Considerations

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department
January 8, 2002

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          Executive Summary
  1. Introduction
  1. Outcome-based Conditionality and Floating Tranche Disbursements
  1. Outcomes-Based Conditionality
  2. Floating Tranche Disbursements
  3. Conclusion
  1. Application of the Tools of Conditionality
  1. Performance Criteria and Waivers
  2. Prior Actions
  3. Program Reviews
  4. Conclusion
  1. Presentation of Conditionality in Fund Documents
  1. Issues For Discussion

Text Tables

  1. Programs With More than 10 Prior Actions in Each Year
  2. Explicit Adjusters with Respect to Shortfall of External Financing Applicable to the following PCs
Text Figures
  1. Percentage of Performance Criteria Waived
  2. Structural Performance Criteria: Sectoral Distribution
  3. Distribution of Review Frequencies in Fund-Supported Programs, 1992-2000
Text Boxes
  1. Applying Outcomes-Based Conditionality to the Fund
  2. Outcomes-Based Conditionality and Floating Tranche Disbursements in Other International Financial Institutions
  3. Conditionality Under the Enhanced HIPC Initiative
  4. The Fund's Policy on Waivers
  5. Survey Results on the Use of Prior Actions
  6. The Fund's Policy on Financing Assurances

Annex I  Financing Assurances and Implicit Conditionality

Annex II  Use and Effects of Prior Actions: A Statistical Analysis