IMF Administrative Tribunal

IMF Staff Ethics, Financial Disclosure, and Resolution of Staff Disputes

Review of the Fund's Systems for Resolving Staff Disputes

April 15, 2002

In early 2001, the Fund undertook a comprehensive review of its systems and procedures for resolving employment-related disputes arising between the organization and its employees. The purposes of the review were to ensure that the Fund’s arrangements facilitate the timely and effective resolution of disputes while giving employees fair and impartial channels of recourse and meeting the Fund’s institutional needs. To carry out the review, management appointed an external Panel of three independent experts with extensive international experience in dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation: Mr. Arnold Zack (Chair) from the United States, Ms. Sarah Christie from South Africa, and Mr. Chris de Cooker from the Netherlands. Two papers on the review are attached:

Summary: The Report of the External Panel on the Fund’s Dispute Resolution Systems and Implementation Plans, which summarizes the Panel's conclusions and outlines the Fund's plans for implementing the Panel's recommendations (167 k pdf file).

Report of the External Panel: Review of the International Monetary Fund’s Dispute Resolution System, which is the full report of the external Panel (481 k pdf file).

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