IMF Administrative Tribunal

The IMF Administrative Tribunal (“IMFAT” or “Tribunal”) serves as an independent judicial forum for the resolution of employment disputes arising between the International Monetary Fund (“IMF” or “Fund”) and its staff members. An Applicant may challenge the legality of an “individual” or “regulatory” decision of the Fund “adversely affecting” him. (Article II.) In the case of challenges to “individual” decisions, an Application may be filed only after the Applicant has exhausted all available channels of administrative review. (Article V.) The Tribunal’s jurisdiction also extends to enrollees in and beneficiaries under IMF staff benefit plans who challenge administrative acts arising under such plans. (Article II.) The Judgments of the Tribunal are final and without appeal. (Article XIII.)

The effective date of the Tribunal’s jurisdiction is October 15, 1992. The Tribunal was formally established on January 13, 1994, when, pursuant to the Statute, the Fund’s Managing Director notified the staff of the appointment of the Tribunal’s members. (Article XX.) In accordance with Article X of the Statute, the Tribunal adopted Rules of Procedure in 1994 and amended those Rules in 2004.

In 2009, the IMF Board of Governors, as authorized by Article XIX of the Statute, amended Articles VII and VIII, relating to the appointment of the members of the Administrative Tribunal, so as to (i) eliminate the distinction between associate and alternate members, (ii) provide for the designation of panels composed of the President and two other Tribunal members to hear cases, (iii) extend the term of all the members of the IMFAT to four years, (iv) stagger the appointments to provide for reappointment of at least two of the members every two years, (v) introduce term limits for a total tenure of 12 years, and (vi) further strengthen the independence of the Tribunal members.

Accordingly, the Tribunal is now composed of five members, including the President. The decisions of the Tribunal in a case are taken by a panel composed of the President and two other members designated by the President. (Article VII.) The Tribunal holds its sessions at the Fund’s headquarters. (Article XI.)

Each member of the Tribunal is appointed for four years (and may be reappointed for a maximum of two additional terms) by the Managing Director after appropriate consultation. In the case of the President, the appointment is made with the approval of the Executive Board and after consultation with the Staff Association. The Tribunal’s members must possess the qualifications required for appointment to high judicial office or be jurisconsults of recognized competence. (Article VII.)

The members of the Tribunal are completely independent in the exercise of their duties. They may not have any prior or present employment relationship with the Fund. Nor are they eligible for staff employment with the Fund following the end of their service with the Tribunal. (Articles VII and VIII.)

The Tribunal is served by a small Registry, whose personnel discharge their duties under the authority of the President and are bound to maintain the confidentiality of information received in the performance of those duties. (Article IX.) All Applications instituting proceedings in a case must be filed with the Registrar, who is responsible for receiving, maintaining, and transmitting the pleadings in the case. (Rule IV.) Judgments of the Tribunal are published and made available to all interested persons. (Article XVIII and Rule XVIII.)

The Office of the Registrar of the IMF Administrative Tribunal may be contacted by phone at 202-623-6008, or by fax at 202-623-6016. The mail and courier address is: Office of the Registrar, IMF Administrative Tribunal, 1900 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Suite HQ2-04-042, Washington, DC 20431.