Progress Report on the Implementation of the Fund's Africa Capacity-Building Initiative
December 11, 2003

The Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers, A Factsheet

Technical Assistance, A Factsheet

IMF Executive Board Endorses IMF's Africa Capacity Building Initiative

The Fund's Africa Capacity-Building Initiative

Prepared by the African Department, the Office of Technical Assistance Management, and the Legal Department (In consultation with the Fiscal Affairs Department, the Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department, the Office of Budget and Planning, the Statistics Department, and the Treasurer's Department)

April 23, 2002

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Executive Summary
I. Introduction
II. The Salient Features of the Fund's Initiative
  A. Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers (AFRITACs)

Institutional setup of the AFRITACs

      Determination of the work plan of the AFRITACs in the
   PRSP context
      Expected outputs
      Accountability, quality control, and evaluation mechanisms
      Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
      Cost-sharing among the Fund, host country, and donors
  B. Coordination with Other Development Partners and Technical
   Assistance Providers
  C. Risk Assessment
III. Staff Appraisal
1. Assessment of Capacity-Building Needs for the First Two
   Centers and the Composition of a Center's Expert Team
2 Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers (AFRITACs)
   Organizational Chart
3. The PACT and the ACBF
4. Coordination with Other Capacity-Building Assistance Providers
I. Estimated Cost per Center
II. Memorandum of Understanding Between the International Monetary Fund and the African Capacity Building Foundation