The Fund's Africa Capacity-Building Initiative
April 23, 2002

The Africa Regional Technical Assistance Centers, A Factsheet

Technical Assistance, A Factsheet

IMF Executive Board Endorses IMF's Africa Capacity Building Initiative

Progress Report on the Implementation of the Fund's Africa Capacity-Building Initiative

Prepared by the African Department and the Office of Technical Assistance Management
(In consultation with the Fiscal Affairs, Monetary and Financial Systems, and Statistics Departments)

December 11, 2003

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I.   Introduction
II.   Background
III.   Report on the Operations of the AFRITACs
A.   Steering Committees
B.   Work Plans
C.   Initial Activities
D.   Financing and Budget Execution
IV.   Report on Developments Concerning the Cooperation with the African Capacity Building Foundation and Other Regional Institutions
V.   Conclusion
1. Objectives of the IMF's Africa Capacity-Building Initiative
2 The Location of the AFRITACs
3. The Process of Designing the Work Plan for the East AFRITAC
4. The Process of Designing the Work Plan for the West AFRITAC
5. Staffing of the AFRITACs
1. AFRITAC: Status of Financial Contributions
2. East AFRITAC Financial Summary, November 1, 2002-April 30, 2003
Attachment I - Summary of East AFRITAC Work Plan (January–December 2003)
Attachment II - Summary of West AFRITAC Work Plan (September 2003–January 2004)