IMF Giving Together

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Last Updated: July 28, 2017

The international staff of the IMF –from over 140 countries– regularly mobilizes funds for disasters around the world. The IMF matches employee and retiree donations for developing countries at 50 cents to the dollar.

Since this matching program began in 1998, over $1.2 million has gone to assist the victims of floods, earthquakes, famine, and disease, and to support other humanitarian needs. We partner with relief agencies to deliver help to the neediest.

In 2004 the IMF received the American Red Cross ' Circle of Humanitarian Award for its fundraising efforts.


Mudslide, Philippines - Employees raised $12,529, sent through Feed the Hungry, Inc.

On February 17 2006, a landslide of mud 40 meters deep caused by non stop heavy rains, buried an entire village in Barangay Guinsaugon, in the town of St. Bernard, Southern Leyte province in the Philippines. The landslide buried some 500 houses and an elementary school with 246 school children. The population of the town was 1,875 and over 1,000 were reported missing or dead. IMF employees raised $12,529 (donations plus matching grant.) Funds were sent to the Philippines through Feed the Hungry, Inc.


Earthquake, Pakistan and India – Employees raised $67,870, sent through Edhi, Doctors without Borders and OXFAM.

On October 8 2005, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck in Northern Pakistan and Kashmir causing widespread devastation. As cold winter approached, an estimated 3.3 million homeless people were forced to camp in the open with little food and insufficient access to clean water, in the Himalayan region. IMF employees raised $67,870 (donations plus matching grant.) Funds were sent to India and Pakistan through Edhi, Doctors without Borders and OXFAM.

Hurricane Stan, Guatemala and El Salvador – Employees raised $21,268, sent through CARE and CECI.

In the first week of October 2005, torrential rains from Hurricane Stan caused landslides and flooding which killed some 650 persons and left 380 missing. The worst hit communities were declared mass graveyards. Hundreds of people lost their homes, income and sources of clean drinking water. IMF employees raised $21,268 (donations plus matching grant.) Funds were sent to the El Salvador and Guatemala through CARE and CECI.

Hurricane Katrina, United States – Employees raised $39,899, sent through the American Red Cross.

On August 29 2006, Hurricane Katrina came ashore Grand Isle, Louisiana, claiming 1,417 lives and leaving around 1,280 missing. More than one million people were directly affected by the hurricane which destroyed more than 355,000 houses and buildings, left survivors without jobs and caused severe environmental health risks for survivors and relief workers. IMF employees raised $39,899. Funds were sent through the American Red Cross.

Famine, Niger and Mali – Employees raised $22,805, sent through Oxfam America.

Niger and northern Mali have been under a severe food crisis due to a persistent drought. More than 3.5 million people continue at risk of famine in Niger alone. IMF employees raised $22,805 (donations plus matching grant.) Funds were sent to Mali and Niger through Oxfam America.


Past Relief Fundraisers


Tsunami, South Asia – $309,710
Hurricane Ivan, Caribbean – $11,586
Attack at elementary school, Russia – $9,000
Fire, Paraguay - $7,191
Armed conflict, Sudan - $11,317
Floods, Dominican Republic and Haiti – $11,210
Earthquake, Morocco - $13,827
Earthquake, Iran - $39,280


Relief Agencies with whom We Partnered: