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Special Event

Peace Pole Dedication - December 19, 2002

The Managing Director received the Peace Pole on December 19, 2002 from the Goi Peace Foundation . The award was given to the IMF for it's "...leadership and achievements for the promotion of international monetary cooperation and exchange rate stability, and for the fostering of economic growth and high levels of employment." It was presented by Hiroo Saionji, President and Masami Saoingi, chairs of the Foundation.

The mission of the Goi Peace Foundation is to bring together people in wisdom, united in their hearts toward the common goal of peace on Earth. By encouraging public awareness of peace and by building cooperation among individuals and organizations in all fields, including education, science, culture and the arts, and aims to build an international peace network and to stimulate the global trend toward a culture of peace.

The Goi Peace Foundation was established in Tokyo in 1999 as a sister organization of the World Peace Prayer Society. The two organizations cooperate closely through their shared projects and network, while respectively pursuing activities specific to their missions.

- Welcoming address by Horst Köhler at the event.

- See pictures of the Peace Pole Dedication event.