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July 20, 2006
Economic Forum: Delivering on the promises of 2005 : A Dialogue on the UK's Development Strategy
July 4, 2006
IMF/Royal African Society Joint Economic Forum - London: Scaling Up Aid—Can aid be more effective?
May 23, 2006
Book Forum: Pragmatism: Latin America's New 'Ism'?
May 18, 2006
Book Forum: India's and China's Recent Experience with Reform and Growth
February 8, 2006
Book Forum: The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth
IMF Auditorium - (HQ1-R-710)
January 13, 2006; 12:30-2:00 p.m.
Book Forum: Growth and Poverty Reduction in Armenia
November 4, 2005
Economic Forum: Reforming the IMF: Governance and the Executive Board
May 5, 2005
Book Forum: Postconflict Economics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the Democratic Republic of the Congo 12:30-2:00pm. Focusing on the DRC's turnaround as well as its considerable stabilization and reconstruction challenges, Postconflict Economics in Sub-Saharan Africa draws lessons for postconflict countries worldwide. Join the authors for a lively discussion about the challenges facing postconflict economies. Please RSVP at or call (202) 623-7001.
May 27, 2004
The Radio King Orchestra. 6:00-8:00pm Washington's "most exciting and elegant 40's-era swing band" will create an enchanting evening of entertainment through the repertoire of Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra. The IMF Center is pleased to invite you to hear the Radio King Orchestra as part of a citywide tribute to veterans of World War II. Please RSVP at by May 20, 2004 (please include your name and the number of persons in your party).
April 26, 2004
The IMF Center opens a new exhibit "Money and Sovereignty" developed in conjunction with the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, National Numismatic Collection. The exhibit features coins, bills and other currency from Mexico, Ireland, Greece and a host of other countries. It will focus on what money has to say about the viability, legitimacy and sovereignty of a nation. The exhibit runs through October 2005.
March 11, 2004
The IMF Center hosted an exciting event on Thursday, March 11, 2004. 6:30 p.m., titled "The Other Side of MachuPicchu". The presentation is by Peruvian architect Mario Osorio Olazábal who studied Andean civilizations for the past 30 years. Mr. Osorio Olazábal is also the author of various books and articles on Pre-Columbian societies. His discoveries illustrate how the architecture of Andean civilizations was used to integrate human activities with the local environment. Inca reproductions will be raffled to benefit Mundo Libre, a non profit who helps shelter the street children of Lima.
Taped webcasts of the event in English and Spanish.
February 5, 2004
IMF Book Forum: "Do Developing Countries Have a Say at the IMF? - Issues in IMF Governance ". If you would like to attend, please rsvp by e-mail to or by phone to (202) 623-8695
September 17, 2003
Contemporary Alpine Concert
12:00 - 1:00 PM - Toebi Tobler and his fellow musicians are steeped in the rich traditions of Swiss Alpine music. They strive to give a contemporary twist by blending the traditional music styles with elements taken from jazz, blues and rock, as well as Latin and African rhythms. IMF Center, 720 19th Street NW, Washington, DC, Metro Farragut West. For additional information call (202) 623-7394.
September 9, 2003
IMF Book Forum: "The Mind and the Market: Capitalism in Modern European Thought". If you would like to attend, please rsvp by e-mail to or by phone to (202) 623-7394
May 29, 2003
Economic Forum: Should We Be Worried About 'Deflation'?
May 27, 2003
Economic Forum: Is Financial Globalization Harmful for Developing Countries?
April 29, 2003
Economic Forum: Does IMF Fiscal Policy Advice End Up Hurting the Poor?
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Carolyn Bell Shaw Award to Margaret de Vries
January 3, 2003

Peace Pole Dedication
December 12, 2002

Opening Remarks for the IMF Center Inauguration
October 30, 2000