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Permanent Exhibit

Seven Economists Poster Exhibit

What are physiocrats? How did mercantilism help move the Middle Ages out of feudalism? What is the "principle of population" and who developed it?

The Seven Economists exhibit represents the theories of reknowned economists and thinkers, from Ancient Greece through the Middle Ages. From Plato to Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes, these are the minds that helped shape global economic systems.

The economic and social paradigms of some of the greatest minds in history are presented in this historical study of the political economy. While St. Thomas Aquinas advocated the permissibility of private property in a feudal system, Karl Marx argued that economics was dominating factor in history as expressed through class struggle, and Adam Smith put forth his ideas on the "division of labor."

This poster exhibit is located in the foyer of the IMF Center auditorium.