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Independent Evaluation Office - IEO Publications

March 12, 2007
The IEO provides objective and independent evaluation on issues related to the IMF. The Office operates independently of IMF management and at arm's length from the IMF's Executive Board.

An Evaluation of The IMF and Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

The IEO would welcome feedback from the public on the report, particularly on the recommendations it makes.
Comments may be submitted at

Press Release: Independent Evaluation Office Releases Report on The IMF and Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

Full text of main report in PDF Format: English | French  | Portuguese

Abbreviations and Acronyms (76 kb pdf file)
Executive Summary (133 kb pdf file)
I. Introduction (112 kb pdf file)
II. Country Policies and Programs (287 kb pdf file)
    A. Accommodation of Aid
    B. Analysis of Aid
    C. Key Features Agenda
III. IMF Relationship Management in SSA (225 kb pdf file)
  A. The Authorities
    B. Donors
    C. Multilateral Partners
    D. Civil Society
IV. Institutional Drivers of IMF Behavior (217 kb pdf file)
    A. Executive Directors
    B. Management
    C. Operational Staff
V. Findings and Recommendations (128 kb pdf file)
    A. Findings
    B. Recommendations
    1. Trends in Aid, Policies, and Outcomes in SSA
    2. Spending and Absorbing Additional Aid
    3. Different Concepts of Aid Scenarios
    4. PRGF Key Features
    5. Location of Work
    6. Informing the PRGF Dialogue with the Authorities
    7. Fund Engagement with Donors: Different Possible Roles
    8. Resident Representatives’ Perspective on Donor Coordination
    1. Programmed Current Account Responses to Aid Increases
    2. Programmed Fiscal Responses to Aid Increases
    3. Inflation Targets in SSA PRGFs and ESAFs
    4. Survey Views on PRGF Analysis of Absorptive Capacity
    5. Programmed and Actual Aid Flows: PRGFs Underpredicted Medium-Term Inflows
    6.   Public Spending on Education, Health, and PRE
    7.   Survey Views on IMF Staff/Authorities Interface: Connect
    8. Survey Views on IMF Staff/Donor Interface: Disconnect
    9. Survey Views on Accommodation of Earmarked Aid
    10. Survey Views on IMF Staff/World Bank Staff Interface: Disappoint
    11. Survey Views on IMF Staff/Local Civil Society Interface: Major Disconnect
    12. With Whom do Staff Spend their Time?
    13. Survey Views on the Relevance of PRSP for PRGF and Vice Versa
    14. Survey Views on Relevance of PRGFs for Macro, Growth, Poverty Reduction, and Other MDGs
    15. Surveyed Mission Chief Views on Fiscal Deficits, Inflation, and Domestic Debt
    16. Survey Views on Fund Proactivity in Discussing Aid Gaps with Donors
Annexes (440 kb pdf file)
    A. Board Perspective on Relevant Issues
    B. Quantitative Analysis
    C. Country Desk Reviews: Methodology and Summary Findings
    D. Country Case Studies: Program Change in Major Aid Recipients
    E. Evaluation Survey
References (154 kb pdf file)
Statement by the Managing Director
Staff Response (64 kb pdf file)
IEO Comments on Management and Staff Responses (34 kb pdf file)
The Acting Chairman’s Summing Up (101 kb pdf file)