Financial Sector Regulation: Issues and Gapsó An Update
October 25, 2004

Financial Sector Regulation: Issues and Gaps ó Background Paper
August 17, 2004

Financial Sector Regulation: Issues and Gaps
August 4, 2004

Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP)

World Bank FSAP

Financial Sector Regulation: Issues and GapsóBackground Paper

Prepared by Staff of the Monetary and Financial Systems Department

Approved by Stefan Ingves

August 17, 2004

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  1. Financial System Structure and Trends: Implications for Financial Regulation
    1. Increased Conglomeration and Risk Transfer
    2. Significant and Growing Internationalization
    3. Growing Dollarization
    4. Weaknesses in Infrastructure Underpinning Regulatory Systems
    5. Government Ownership of Financial Institutions

  2. Assessment of Regulatory Standards: An Update on Levels of Observance
    1. Basel Core Principles
    2. IAIS Core Principles on Insurance Supervision
    3. IOSCO Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation

  3. Standard Setters: Ongoing Work Toward Strengthening Financial Regulation
    1. Objectives and Design of Regulatory Standards
    2. Regulatory Preconditions
    3. Prudential Framework and Regulatory Practices


  1. Conglomeration Trends: by Asset Size
  2. Conglomeration Trends: by Region
  3. Foreign-controlled Bank Assets: by Region
  4. Average Foreign Currency Deposits to Total Deposits
  5. State-Owned Financial Institutions: A Cross-Country Survey
  6. State-Owned Financial Institutions: Size
  7. Observance of Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision
  8. Observance of IAIS Core Principles
  9. Observance of IOSCO Core Principles for Securities Regulation


  1. Rule of Law and Implementation of Regulatory Standards
  2. Government Effectiveness Implementation of Regulatory Standards


  1. Financial Services Liberalization and Regulatory Standards
  2. Dollarization and Regulatory Standards

Appendices (Section I)

  1. FSAP Assessments and Key Cross Sector Structural and Regulatory Risk Factors
  2. Preconditions in Published BCP ROSCs

Appendix (Section II)

List of FSAP Cooperating Official Institutions and Assessment of Regulatory Standards

Appendix (Section III)

Standard Setters and Role of Fund Staff