Enhancing Contributions to Combating Money Laundering—Policy Paper
April 26, 2001

IMF Executive Board Discusses Money Laundering
April 29, 2001

Financial System Abuse, Financial Crime and Money Laundering—
Background Paper

Prepared by the Monetary and Exchange Affairs and
Policy Development and Review Departments
In Consultation with Legal and other Departments

February 12, 2001

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is Financial Abuse and Financial Crime
  3. The Economic Effects of Financial Abuse, Financial Crime, and Money Laundering
  4. Countering Financial Abuse and Crime: What Others Are Doing
  1. Concepts of Financial Abuse


  1. Citations on Financial System Abuse
  2. OECD Initiatives on Harmful Tax Practices
  3. What is Financial Crime—A Survey of Concepts
  4. Predicate Crimes
  5. The Estimation of the Size of the Underground Economy
  6. International Organizations Involved in Countering Financial System Abuse, Financial Crime, and Money Laundering
  7. The Financial Action Task Force—Forty Recommendations and the Fund
  8. Anti-Money Laundering Policies: The Role of Financial Intelligence Units