Financial System Abuse, Financial Crime and Money Laundering—Background Paper
February 12, 2001

IMF Executive Board Discusses Money Laundering
April 29, 2001

Enhancing Contributions To Combating Money Laundering: Policy Paper

Prepared by the Staffs of the IMF and the World Bank
April 26, 2001

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At its September 2000 meeting, the International Monetary and Financial Committee requested the Fund to prepare a joint paper with the Bank on their respective roles in combating money laundering and financial crime, and in protecting the international financial system. In response, IMF and World Bank staffs prepared a joint policy paper on Enhancing Contributions to Combating Money Laundering.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Fund's and the Bank's Activities Relevant to the Countering of Financial System Abuse
    1. Fund Activities
    2. Bank Activities
    3. Fund/Bank Joint Work

  3. International Efforts to Counter Money Laundering

  4. Enhancing Contributions to Combating Money Laundering: Issues for the Fund and the Bank

  5. Resource Implications

  6. Issues for Discussion

Text Tables

  1. International Organizations Engaged in Anti-Money Laundering Activities
  2. Additional Staff Resources for Anti-Money Laundering Work
  3. FATF 40 Recommendations with Relation to International StandardsFinancial Sector


  1. Steps to Enhance the Fund's and Banks' Contribution to International Efforts Countering Money Laundering


  1. FATF and Other Anti-Money Laundering Organizations that Include Legal/Criminal Enforcement Matters Within Their Objectives
  2. FAFT 40 Recommendations and the Principles of Supervision