2003 Spring Meetings

2003 Spring Meetings: News Releases, Speeches, Committee Papers, Documents and Background Information

Documents Related to the April 12, 2003 IMFC Meeting

Developments in the Doha Round and Selected Activities of Interest to the Fund

April 8, 2003

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List of Acronyms

Glossary of WTO Terminology

  1. Introduction

  2. Status of Negotiations
    1. Market Access Negotiations
    2. Negotiations on Trade Rules

  3. Selected Issues of Relevance for the Fund
    1. Financial Services Liberalization and Financial Stability
    2. The International Investment Framework
    3. The Revenue Implications of Trade Liberalization

  4. Conclusions

Text Tables
1.  Summary: Market Access Negotiations—Key Negotiation Positions
2.  Summary of Negotiations on Trade Rules: Negotiating Areas and Key Negotiating Positions

Annex Tables
  1.  WTO Multilateral Trade Negotiations—Timeline
  2.  WTO Multilateral Trade Negotiations—Synopsis