Transcript of a Teleconference with Journalists on the "Trade Integration Mechanism"
April 13, 2004

Press Release: IMF Executive Board Approves Trade Integration Mechanism
April, 13, 2004

Market Access for Developing Country Exports—Selected Issues
September 26, 2002

The IMF and the World Trade Organization
A Factsheet

Fund Support for Trade-Related Balance of Payments Adjustments

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department
(In consultation with other Departments)

Approved by Mark Allen

February 27, 2004

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Executive Summary
I.   Introduction
II.   Balance of Payments Implications of a New Multilateral Trade Agreement
  A.   Scope of the Negotiations and Sources of Balance of Payments Shortfalls
  B.   Impact of Own Liberalization
  C.   Estimating the Impact of Adverse Shocks to the Balance of Payment
  D.   Estimating the Net Impact of a Multilateral Trade Agreement
  E.   The Nature of Balance of Payments Impacts and Implications for Fund Support
III.   Trade Integration Mechanism
  A.   Overview
  B.   Alternative Approach
  C.   Other Aspects of Fund Assistance with Trade-Related Adjustment Needs
IV.   Modalities of the Proposed Trade Integration Mechanism
  A.   Qualification
  B.   Access
  C.   Conditionality
  D.   Terms and Phasing
  E.   Review Provision
  F.   Relationship with World Bank Lending Operations
V.   Impact on Fund Liquidity and Resource Implications
  A.   General Resources Account (GRA)
  B.   PRGF Trust
  C.   Staff Resource Implications
VI.   Concluding Remarks

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Estimates of Preference Erosion


World Bank Program in Support of Trade



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