Further Debt Relief for Low-Income Countries—Key Issues and Preliminary Considerations

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department

March 10, 2005

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  1. Introduction
  2. Further Debt Relief and Other Forms of Financial Assistance
    1. Debt Relief Versus Other Financing Vehicles
    2. Strategies for Further Debt Relief
  3. Operational Aspects of Further Debt Relief
    1. Key Questions
    2. Operational Features
  4. Implications for the Fund
    1. Costs and Financing of Further Debt Relief
    2. Implications for Future Fund Engagement in Low-Income Countries
  5. Conclusions and Further Considerations
  6. Issues for Discussion

Text Box

1. Comparison of Debt Indicators Between HIPCs and Other Developing Countries


I. Recent Proposals for Multilateral Debt Relief and Future Financing
II. Debt Situation of Low-Income Countries