The Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (G-8 Proposal) and Its Implications for the Fund—Further Considerations: Supplemental Information

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review, Legal and Finance Departments

November 1, 2005

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  1. Introduction
  2. Country Coverage and Choice of an Income Cutoff
    1. Per Capita Income Threshold of US$380
    2. Per Capita Income Threshold of US$270
    3. Per Capita Income Threshold of US$400
  3. Conditionality
    1. HIPCs
    2. Non-HIPCs
    3. Post-Debt Relief Monitoring
    4. Administrative Costs
  4. Legal Considerations
    1. The Use of Special Disbursement Account Resources
    2. The Use of Contributor Resources in the PRGF Trust Subsidy Account
  5. Other Issues
  6. Issues for Discussion


1. Sources and Uses of Financing
2. Debt Relief Under the MDRI and Net ODA Flows to HIPCs


I. Debt Relief for the Protracted Arrears Cases
II. Countries that could be Eligible under the Sunset Clause of HIPC Initiative