Press Release: IMF Executive Board Reviews Fund's Income Position and Sets Rate of Charge for FY 2005
May 25, 2004

The Fund's Income Position for FY 2003 - Actual Outcome
July 14, 2003

Review of the Fund’s Income Position, the Rate of Charge, Precautionary Balances, and Burden Sharing for FY 2003 and FY 2004
April 4, 2002

The FY 2004 Budget and the Medium-Term Framework
March 31, 2003

Financial Organization and Operations of the IMF

IMF Financial Statements—Quarterly

Glossary of Financial Terms

Review of the Fund's Income Position for FY 2004 and FY 2005

Prepared by the Finance Department
In consultation with the Legal Department

Approved by Michael G. Kuhn

April 14, 2004

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I.   Executive Summary
II.   The Fund's Income Mechanism—Overview
III.   The Fund's Income Position in FY 2004
IV.   Precautionary Balances and the Implementation of Burden Sharing in FY 2004
V.   Net Income Target and Rate of Charge for FY 2005
VI.   Review of Special Charges
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  History of Charges
Text Boxes
Box 1. The Fund’s Rule on the Rate of Charge (Rule I-6(4))
Box 2. Executive Board Decisions in Effect Related to the Fund's Income Position in FY 2004
Box 3. The Fund's Precautionary Balances
Text Tables
Table 1. Projected Regular Income—FY 2004
Table 2. Projected Income and Expense - Financial Years 2004 and 2005
Table 3. The Fund's Precautionary Balances, 1999-2004
Table 4. Rate of Charge
Appendix Tables
Table 1. Assumptions Underlying the Projections for Financial Years
2004 and 2005
Table 2. Effect on Projected Regular Net Income for FY 2005 of Changes in Selected Assumptions
Table 3. Rates of Charge during FY 1993-2004
Table 4. Reconciliation of Administrative and Capital Budgets and Administrative Expenses: FY 2005
Table 5. GRA Credit Outstanding and Remunerated Positions as of February 29, 2004
Table 6. Cumulative Burden Sharing Adjustments