IMF Finances

The IMF's Budget and the Medium-Term Framework

Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Approves Administrative and Capital Budgets for FY 2004,
June 10, 2003

Annual Report of the Executive Board

Financial Organization and Operations of the IMF

The FY 2004 Budget and the Medium-Term Framework

Prepared by the Office of Budget and Planning

March 31, 2003

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   Executive Summary
I.  FY 2003 Administrative Budget and Projected Outturn
  A. Overview
  B. Analysis
II.  FY 2004 Administrative Budget and the Medium-Term Framework
  A. Overview
  B. The Budget Aggregate for FY 2004
  C. FY 2004 Administrative Budget by Output
  D. Reallocations and Reductions
  E. FY 2004 Administrative Budget by Input
  F. The Medium-Term Framework
III.  FY 2004 Capital Budget and the Medium-Term Capital Plan
  A. Overview
  B. Categories of Capital Project
  C. Review of Capital Budgeting Procedures and Previous Capital Budgets
  D. FY 2004 Capital Budget and the Medium-Term Capital Plan
  E. Actual and Projected Capital Expenditures, FY 2000-FY 2006
IV.  Net Income Target and the Rate of Charge for FY 2004
A.  Impact of the Proposed Budget on the Rate of Charge
  B.  Expense Reimbursements
V.  Draft Decisions
1. Administrative Budget and Projected Outturn, FY 2003
2. Administrative Budgets and Expenditures, FY 1998–FY 2003
3. Administrative Expenditures: Outputs, FY 2002–FY 2003
4. Administrative Expenditures: Inputs, FY 2003
5. Vacancy Rates, FY 1988–FY 2003
6. Administrative Budget: Changes in Classification of Expenditures by Economic Category, FY 2003
7. Proposed Administrative Budget, FY 2004
8. Proposed Administrative Budget: Derivation of Aggregate, FY 2004
9. Proposed Administrative Budget: Outputs, FY 2004
10. Proposed Administrative Budget: Output Indicators, FY 2004
11. Proposed Administrative Budget: Allocations by Departmental Groups, FY 2004
12. Examples of Elimination of Activities, Efficiency Gains, and Streamlining of Service Levels, FY 2004
13. Proposed Administrative Budget: Summary of Staffing Resources, FY 2004
14. Proposed Administrative Budget: Inputs, FY 2004
15. Medium-Term Framework, FY 2004–FY 2006
16. Actual and Projected Capital Expenditures for Ongoing Projects, FY 2000-FY 2005
17. Medium-Term Capital Plan, FY 2004–FY 2006
18. Proposed Capital Budget Appropriations for Projects, FY 2004
19. Actual and Projected Capital Expenditures, FY 2000-FY 2006
1. Administrative Expenditures by Output
2. The Calculation of Standard Costs
3. The Impact of the Board's Decision on Staff Compensation on the Salary Bill
4. Business Continuity Planning
5. The Staff Retirement Plan (SRP)
6. Categories of Employment Phase II
7. Travel Expenditures, FY 2003-FY 2004
8. Information Technology—Capital Budget Formulation