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Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB): metadata on SDDS and GDDS data categories

External Debt Statistics: debt data, conference on capital flows and debt statistics, final draft Guide for Compilers and Users, and other selected publications

Twentieth Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics

Washington D.C, USA, October 29-November 1, 2007

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Summary of the Outcomes of the Committee’s Discussion (BOPCOM-07/26)

Direct investment


Portfolio and Banking Statistics

  • Financial globalization: Implications for data needs (BOPCOM-07/07)
  • Sovereign wealth funds (BOPCOM-07/06)
  • Forthcoming statistics on the assets and liabilities of Euro area investment funds, including hedge funds (BOPCOM-07/09)
  • International financial statistics: Report by the BIS (BOPCOM-07/10)
  • Progress report on CPIS (BOPCOM-07/11)
  • Activities of the Inter-agency Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS) (BOPCOM-07/12)

Securities databases

Comments from worldwide consultation

  • Consideration of comments on the Draft BPM6 (BOPCOM-07/13)
  • Additional comments from WIIS (BOPCOM-07/13(b))

Update on work of Reserve Assets Technical Expert Group (RESTEG)

SNA update

Implementation of BPM6

Services statistics

  • Report on the meeting of the Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services: report by OECD (BOPCOM-07/18)
  • Bilateral trade in services: report by the UK and US (BOPCOM-07/19)

Goods for processing and merchanting

2007 Surveillance Decision

  • Data needs in the area of IIP and Balance of Payments arising from the 2007 Decision on bilateral surveillance (BOPCOM-07/23)

International Investment Position Statistics

  • Progress made and plans for further development (BOPCOM-07/22)

Reporting external sector data