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Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB): metadata on SDDS and GDDS data categories

External Debt Statistics: debt data, conference on capital flows and debt statistics, final draft Guide for Compilers and Users, and other selected publications

Twenty-Fifth Meeting of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
Washington, D.C., Rescheduled from October 2012 to January 1416, 2013

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  • Summary of the Outcomes of the Committee’s Discussions (BOPCOM-12/32)

Cross-cutting Papers

  • IMF Statistics Department—Recent Developments and Current Initiatives: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-12/03)
  • Summary of Selected Statistics Department Developments: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-12/15)
  • The Implications for IMF Surveillance of Integrated Surveillance Decision, the Pilot External Sector Report, and External Balance Assessments: Presentation by Research Department and Strategy, Policy, and Review Department, IMF (BOPCOM-12/11)
  • Data Sharing and Confidentiality: Report by IMF (BOPCOM-12/16)   
  • Progress Report on the Development of an SDMX Data Structure Definition (DSD) for BPM6-based Data: Report by the SDMX Steering Group for the Balance of Payments DSD (BOPCOM-12/17)
  • Cross-Border Exposures of Nonbank Financial Institutions (G-20 Recommendation #14): Report by IMF (BOPCOM-12/18)
  • Cross-Sector Data Consistency: Report by the IMF (BOPCOM-12/23)
  • Developments in International Data Sharing: Report by Eurostat (BOPCOM-12/25)
  • Data on Currency Intervention Activity: Paper by IMF (BOPCOM-12/34)

Direct Investment

  • Recent Activities of the OECD Working Group on International Investment Statistics: Report by the OECD (BOPCOM-12/20)
  • World Investment Report 2012: Report by UNCTAD  (BOPCOM-12/21)

International Banking Statistics

  • Improving the BIS International Banking Statistics: Report by BIS (BOPCOM-12/26)

Securities Statistics

  • Enhancements to the BIS Debt Securities Statistics: Report by BIS (BOPCOM-12/27)
  • Securities Statistics: Presentation by ECB (BOPCOM-12/27a)

Implementation of BPM6

  • Conversion of Statistics in IMF Publications to a BPM6 Basis, including Frequently Asked Questions on Conversion: Report by IMF (BOPCOM-12/04)
  • BPM6 Compilation Guide: Report by IMF (BOPCOM-12/05)
  • Implementation of the Change of Ownership Principle in Compiling Trade in Goods and Services Statistics of Hong Kong: Paper by Hong Kong SAR (BOPCOM-12/06)
  • How will the Statistical Adjustment on Manufacturing Services on Physical Inputs Owned by Others affect China’s Balance of Payments Statistics: Paper by SAFE, China (BOPCOM-12/07)
  • Strategy for Communicating to Users the Introduction of BPM6: Paper by Central Bank of Russia (BOPCOM-12/08)
  • Implementation of 2008 SNA and BPM6 in Australian Statistics: Paper by Australian Bureau of Statistics (BOPCOM-12/09)
  • Insurance/Reinsurance Services and Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured (FISIM): Paper by Bundesbank (BOPCOM-12/10)
  • Progress in the Coordinated Implementation of BPM6 in the European Union: Report by ECB/Eurostat (BOPCOM-12/12)
  • Progress in Implementing BPM6 in Japan: Presentation by Bank of Japan (BOPCOM-12/13)
  • Compilation of Financial Account on a Gross Basis: Paper by Central Bank of Russia (BOPCOM-12/14)

Recent Developments with Impact on Methodology and Compilation of Macroeconomic Statistics

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Gold Sale Windfall Profits: Report by IMF (BOPCOM-12/22)
  • FOB/CIF Issue in Merchandise Trade/Transport of Goods in BPM6 and the 2008 SNA: Paper by Anne Harrison (BOPCOM-12/30)

Work of Inter-Agency Task Forces

  • Progress on Work of the Task Force on Global Production: Report by UNECE (BOPCOM-12/19)     
  • Work of the Interagency Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services: Report by OECD (BOPCOM-12/24)
  • Progress Report on Work of the Interagency Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS): Report by IMF (BOPCOM-12/28)
  • Long-term Research Program in Consultation with ISWGNA: Report by UN (BOPCOM-12/29)