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Pre-viewing Activities

  1. Ask students to locate Cameroon, Côte D’Ivoire, and Mali on a world map and present the background information about the CFA Franc Zone as well as the individual country profiles. As a class, outline the similarities and differences between the three countries. Discuss the economic and social implications of high infant mortality rates and low adult literacy rates. Compare the three countries’ average life expectancy rates to the rate in the students' home country, and ask students to think of reasons why they differ. Ask students to make inferences about life in each country based on the information presented to them.

  2. Duplicate and distribute the Glossary and Background Information sections of this Web site. Review and discuss as appropriate to the needs of your students.

  3. Ask students what they think would happen if their currency were devalued by 50 percent. How would this action change their daily lives? How would they manage financially?

  4. Divide the class into four groups and assign each group one of the following questions to focus on while they watch the video.
    • How has devaluation affected the lives of ordinary citizens in Cameroon, Côte D’Ivoire, and Mali?
    • What changes in agriculture have occurred as a result of economic reform?
    • What does it mean when a country “liberalizes” its trade policies? What effect does liberalization have on imports and exports?
    • How has each country’s government changed its relationship with industry? What has happened as the result of this changed relationship?