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December 2007 Cover Art

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Finance & Development
A quarterly magazine of the IMF
December 2007, Volume 44, Number 4

Index of Articles in 2007


Ehtisham Ahmad, Big, or Too Big? September

Mary Amiti and Caroline Freund, China's Export Boom, September

Jonathan Anderson, Solving China's Rebalancing Puzzle, September

Jahangir Aziz and Steven Dunaway, China's Rebalancing Act, September

Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Point of View: Asia's Decade of Transformation, June


Back to Basics: PPP Versus the Market: Which Weight Matters? March; Microfinance: Banking for the Poor, June; Why Real Exchange Rates? September

Axel Bertuch-Samuels and Parmeshwar Ramlogan, The Euro: Ever More Global, March

Abdoulaye Bio-Tchané and Etienne B. Yehoue, Africa's Missing Ingredients, December

David E. Bloom, Governing Global Health, December

David E. Bloom and Tarun Khanna, The Urban Revolution, September

James M. Boughton and Colin I. Bradford, Jr., Global Governance: New Players, New Rules, December

François Bourguignon and Mark Sundberg, Straight Talk: Aid Can Work, March

Harry G. Broadman, Connecting Africa and Asia, June

David Burton and Alessandro Zanello, Asia Ten Years After, June

Mayra Buvinic and Elizabeth M. King, Smart Economics, June


Tim Callen, Back to Basics: PPP Versus the Market: Which Weight Matters? March

Luis A.V. Catão, Back to Basics: Why Real Exchange Rates? September; Backcasting Latin America, December

Joe Cerrell, Helene Gayle, J. Stephen Morrison, and Tore Godal, Point of View: Is the Global Health System Broken? December

Un-Chan Chung, Point of View: Korea: In Search of a New Compact, June

Stijn Claessens and Erik Feijen, From Credit to Crops, March

Benedict Clements, Christopher Faircloth, and Marijn Verhoeven, Getting Spending Right, June

Carlo Cottarelli and Isabelle Mateos y Lago, Helping the Global Economy Stay in Shape, September

Country Focus: Australia, March; Bulgaria, June; Mexico, September; United Arab Emirates, December

Li Cui, China's Growing External Dependence, September

Stefano Curto, Picture This: Changing Aid Landscape, December


Uri Dadush and Julia Nielson, Governing Global Trade, December

Randall Dodd, Subprime: Tentacles of a Crisis, December

David Dollar and Shang-Jin Wei, Underutilized Capital, June


Mohamed A. El-Erian, Point of View: Dealing with Global Fluidity, March


Indermit S. Gill and Homi Kharas, Back in the Fast Lane, March

Mangal Goswami, Jack Ree, and Ina Kota, Picture This: Global Capital Flows: Defying Gravity, March

Sanjeev Gupta, Catherine Pattillo, and Smita Wagh, Making Remittances Work for Africa, June


David Hofman, Time to Master Disaster, March

Hu Xiaolian, Point of View: China's Approach to Reform, September


Ulrich Jacoby, Getting Together, June

Florence Jaumotte and Irina Tytell, Globalization of Labor, June

Simon Johnson, Straight Talk: The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds, September; The (Food) Price of Success, December


M. Ayhan Kose, Eswar Prasad, Kenneth Rogoff, and Shang-Jin Wei, Financial Globalization: Beyond the Blame Game, March

Ina Kota, Back to Basics: Microfinance: Banking for the Poor, June


Maureen A. Lewis and Marlaine E. Lockheed, Getting All Girls into School, June

Leslie Lipschitz, Wising Up about Finance, March

Prakash Loungani, People in Economics: Harvard macroeconomist Robert Barro, September


Paolo Mauro and Yishay Yafeh, Financial Crises of the Future, December

Matthew Maury, Kishore Mahbubani, and Ramesh Ramanathan and Swati Ramanathan, Point of View: What Is the Biggest Challenge in Managing Large Cities? September


Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Mangal Goswami, and Jack Ree, The Changing Face of Investors, March

People in Economics: Guillermo A. Calvo, March; Robert Barro, September; Michael Kremer, December

Picture This: Global Capital Flows: Defying Gravity, March; Globalization of Labor, June; The March of the Cities, September; Changing Aid Landscape, December

Eswar Prasad, Raghuram Rajan, and Arvind Subramanian, The Paradox of Capital, March


Martin Ravallion, Urban Poverty, September

Yaga Venugopal Reddy, Point of View: Converting a Tiger, March

James L. Rowe, People in Economics: economist Guillermo A. Calvo, March


Patrick Salyer and David E. Bloom, Picture This: The March of the Cities, September

Janet G. Stotsky, Budgeting with Women in Mind, June

Straight Talk: Aid Can Work, March; The Rise of Sovereign Wealth Funds, September; The (Food) Price of Success, December

Arvind Subramanian, People in Economics: Michael Kremer, December


Bob Traa and Alina Carare, A Government's Net Worth, June

Book Reviews

Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi, The Future of Europe: Reform or Decline, June

Sir Courtney Blackman, The Practice of Economic Management: A Caribbean Perspective, September

Travis Bradford, Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry, March

Filippo Cesarano, Monetary Theory and Bretton Woods: The Construction of an International Monetary Order, March

Barry Eichengreen, The European Economy Since 1945: Coordinated Capitalism and Beyond, March

José A. Gómez-Ibáñez, Regulating Infrastructure: Monopoly, Contracts, and Discretion, June

Alan Greenspan, The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World, December

Will Hutton, The Writing on the Wall: Why We Must Embrace China as a Partner or Face It as an Enemy, December

Dr. S.B. Jones-Hendrickson, Essays on the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Economies, September

Charles Karelis, The Persistence of Poverty: Why the Economics of the Well-Off Can't Help the Poor, December

Rosa Maria Lastra, Legal Foundations of International Monetary Stability, September

Paolo Mauro, Nathan Sussman, and Yishay Yafeh, Emerging Markets and Financial Globalization: Sovereign Bond Spreads in 1870–1913 and Today, June

Todd J. Moss, African Development: Making Sense of the Issues and Actors, December

Mohan Munasinghe, Making Development More Sustainable: Sustainomics Framework and Practical Applications, December

Avinash D. Persaud and John Plender, Ethics and Finance: Finding a Moral Compass in Business Today, September